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Make Cardboard Dungeon Tiles part 3: Walls and More

In this part of the tutorial we take things to another level and make it all three dimensional.


You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to making walls, rooms and corridors for your cardboard dungeon. I will show you what I did and give you some more good ideas.

Here are some of the ones that I made.


When making walls for the rooms and the corridors you should complete the bases first. That means paint them and draw on the grid lines. This is because when the walls are in place it will be very difficult to draw the lines on! So, do all that first.

Let's do one.

I made my walls 2 1/4 inches in height.

Measure and cut them out of cardboard. And there is no need to double layer them. Single thickness walls are more than adequate. They even make the floors stronger. '

Glue them on.

You can paint them ahead of time if you prefer. Or you can glue them on and then paint them.


It really is quite easy to do. So go ahead and make the walls for your rooms and corridors.

And here are some ideas for other things you can make to give your dungeon some spice.

Here is a second floor with a ladder. It is a stand alone piece. You place it in the corner of a floor unit like you see here. The ladder is a rectangular piece of cardboard. I simply painted it black and then painted the ladder on. It gives a good illusion and it is glued to the second floor.


And here is the entrance to a cave.