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Making Peach and Pineapple Meads

It's been about six months since my last batch of mead and I have been getting itchy to make more. I wanted to make a fruit mead but couldn't decide on a type so I settled for two different meads: A Peach and a Pineapple.

I have a video at the bottom of the page.



Two meads: A peach and a pineapple

Here are the bottled results

The Meads are bottled





I am following two different methods with these batches.

First method: (The two fermentation pails) I mix all the ingredients including the fruit into the fermentation pail and pitch in the yeast. In 30 days we will rack it off into a new container. Leaving all the fruit behind.

Second method: (the two glass gallon jugs) I mix everything including the yeast, but not the fruit. We will allow these batches to build up an alcohol content and develop into a mead first. Then after 30 days we will rack it into a pail and add the fruit. This method is typically a little bit safer because there is less risk of bacterial contamination from the fruit. Once the alcohol content is built up, and we add the fruit the alcohol will kill anything unwanted.


I also have a video tutorial :



Medieval Goblet

Medieval Dragon Skeleton Ossuary Goblet Wine Chalice

  • Ossuary style drinking goblet
  • 7 1/2 in. Tall, 2 3/4 in. Diameter Base
  • Cold Cast Resin/Stainless Steel Liner
  • This Collectibles makes a great gift for any Skull lover and adds a whimsical touch to your Decor. We have a very limited supply of these, so don't miss out


Book How to Make a Batch of mead

Love Kindle Books? I just published my kindle book on how to make mead. It is a no-nonsense easy guide to making a batch of mead. You can get it in the kindle store.



Absolutely new to Mead?

I have a nice little 4 minute video that you can watch. It explains what mead is and how it is made: What is Mead and How is it made?

Bottles of mead