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Mead Making Tools, Products, and More has everything you need to make your own batches of mead. Here is a list of products and my recommendations/suggestions.


ferment setup

If you have never made mead and would like to give it a try very inexpensively this is a terrific setup. Very inexpensive and Prime shipping too. You get a gallon glass carboy an airlock and the rubber stopper. I love this setup. Fermenter including Rubber stopper and Airlock

You can have a batch of mead going the day this arrives.



Twin Bubble Airlock and Carboy Bung (Pack of 2)

Already have gallon jugs? You can keep the price of mead making down even further here by just buying a pair of airlocks and bungs.

Mead making kit

HomeBrewStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Deluxe Mead Kit

Our premium nano-meadery Kit comes with all the equipment needed to make one gallon batches of mead. This kits comes with everything you will need to make your first batch. One gallon batches are a great way to perfect your mead making before stepping up to larger batches this Kit is also great for experienced mead makers who wish to make Test or pilot batches. Kit includes: 2 gallon primary fermentation bucket, 1 gallon glass carboy, mini Auto Siphon with 4' 5/16" x 7/16" tubing and hose clamp, triple scale hydrometer, stopper and 3 piece airlock, thermometer, 10 Pack camp den tablets, c-brute 2x, Instructions and Basic mead recipe (now improved and much more comprehensive), liquid isinglass 1oz, potassium sorbet 1/2 oz., light toasted Oak chips 4oz, 3 lbs. unprocessed honey and Pasteur red yeast 3x. homebrew stuff is the only authorized dealer of the Kit. Do not be fooled by other sellers. if you need a refill for your Kit please see our other listings for mead or Cider refill kits.


Claret Bottles

Yay! is finally carrying empty wine bottles for mead making! These 750 ml Claret bottles are exactly the ones I use. I have ordered two cases. Claret Bottles 750ml. Clear Glass, Case of 12


Bellissima bottle

Amazon has these wonderful 375 ml bottles. If you are making mead that is more of a specialty like a fruit mead or something exotic these half volume bottles are a very attractive way to bottle. : 375 ml Clear Bellissima Bottles, 12 per case


3 pounds of honey

Miller's Honey, Wild, 3-Pound Jar (Pack of 2)

Three pounds of honey is perfect for making a medium sweet one gallon batch of mead. This package contains two 3-pound jugs. If you are going to make a 5 gallon batch of mead I recommend you use between 12 pounds of honey (for a dry mead) and 18 pounds of honey for a sweet mead.

Note from Will: Three pounds of Honey is one quart. So, each of these jugs is exactly right to make a one gallon batch of medium mead.


Fermentation Pail

2 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Drilled Lid - Want to make a one gallon batch of mead with fruit in it? This is exactly what you need. Makes it much easier to get all the fruit in , and get all the fruit back out after the ferment.


5 gallon carboy

5 Gallon Glass Carboy For Beer or Wine Making - This is pretty much the standard for making a 5 gallon batch of mead. You should get around 20 bottles of mead from this size carboy.


1 Gallon Jug

1 Gallon Glass Water Bottle


Champagne yeast

Red Star Champagne Yeast (10 Packs) Dried Yeast

Terrific for fruit meads (melomels)

3 gallon Carboy

3 Gallon Glass Carboy for Beer or Wine Making -This is a great size if you want to get a reasonable amount of mead yet want to keep the cost down. Depending on the recipe you should get about 12 bottles of mead out of this size carboy.


The big mouth bubbler


Big Mouth Bubbler Glass - 5 Gallon


carboy cap

Carboy Cap - Universal

This goes on the top of your carboy. This cap fits all sizes of carboy. The middle port is where you would put your airlock.


fermenting bucket

6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Lid and Spigot for Bottling Beer


Is advertised for beer making but is exactly perfect for brewing 5 gallon batches of mead.


Swing Top Bottles

Swing Top Clear Italian Glass Bottle 34 Ounce (Approx) Capacity now carries the swing top bottles. These are really neat bottles and people are always asking me about them. They just have that old fashioned feel which is very mead like.


Wine Corker


Portuguese Double Lever Corker


wine corks

Wine Corks (First Quality #8, 1 3/4) These longer corks (1 3/4 inch) are better.


a Triple Scale Hydrometer

Triple Scale Hydrometer - Product Description
This triple scale hydrometer is 10.5" long and provides specific gravities between 0.990 - 1.160, potential alcohol by volume of 0-20%, and sugar per liter scale of 0-35. The instructions and plastic case are included with this product.


hydrometer with temperature readingTriple Scale Hydrometer with Thermometer (Thermohydrometer)


Hydrometer Test Jar

Hydrometer Test Jar for Home Brewing or Wine Making 14 Inches Tall Want a neat and clean way to read your hydrometer? This test jar is perfect. Extract a little bit of your mead and put it in this jar. Perfect for testing specific gravity. Just put your hydrometer right in it.


Auto Siphon

Auto Siphon Pump for Beer or Wine

Makes siphoning easy. Inexpensive way to siphon mead out of the carboy and into a new carboy or bottles. This auto siphon is made for 5 gallon carboys or larger. It won't fit in the 1 gallon jugs.


wine thief

Wine Thief - This is a handy little device for getting samples of wine, mead or beer out of a carboy. Inexpensive and convenient.


Drilled Rubber Stopper

Drilled Rubber Stopper (Carboy Bung Sets of 3) This is a drilled tapered rubber bung for a better seal and holds the airlock securely in place. A curved lip stops the bung from accidently falling into the carboy. All three rubber stoppers are the same size and easily fits all 3, 5, 6 and 6.5 gallon glass carboys.


Lalvin D47 Yeast

Lalvin ICV D-47 Yeast A vigorous white wine yeast that will leave a wine very full bodied with enhanced mouthfeel. Accentuates varietal character and contributes ripe tropical fruit and citrus notes. Recommended for Chardonnay and Rose as well as mead, when nutrients are supplemented. Whites, rose, mead.


Lalvin EC-1118

Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast - AKA Prise de Mousse. Saccharomyces bayanus. A low foaming, vigorous and fast fermenter good for both reds and whites. It is also ideal for ciders and sparkling wines. A very competitive yeast that will inhibit wild yeasts. It will restart stuck fermentations because of good alcohol and sulfite tolerance. This is a very neutral yeast that will have very little effect on the varietal character of the grape. A popular strain that ferments fully and flocculates well producing compact lees. Good for cool fermentations. Champagne, dry reds, whites, ciders and sparkling. 45-95° F (7-35° C)

Lalvin K1 - V1116

Lalvin K1-V1116 Yeast - A vigorous and competitive fermenter that, because of its neutral effect on varietal character, is very well suited to fruit wines as well as wines to be made from grapes. Grapes and fresh fruit. 59-86° F (15-30° C)




Bentonite - 1 lb.

Bentonite is a clay-like mineral that removes positively charged particles from wine. Add prior to primary fermentation to clear pectic and protein haze. Add 2 teaspoons with half a cup of boiling water (or very hot) and stir for 1-2 minutes. After the solution stands for an hour, mix and stir the solution into your wine. Let stand for 7-14 days during primary fermentation, then rack into a sanitized carboy.


Campden Tablets

Campden Tablets (potassium metabisulfite) - 100 Tablets

Campden Tablets: Potassium Metabisulfite (KMS) prevents wild yeast, bacteria growth, and oxidation in your wine. The convenient tablet form takes the guesswork out of measuring. Each tablet adds 75 ppm free SO2 per gallon (pH dependent). Grind the tablet into a powder and dissolve in water before using. 100 tablets per package.


C-Brite Cleanser

C-Brite Cleanser

(Ps350) This Is A Cleaner/Sanitizer Prepared Specifically For Use In Both Home Winemaking And Home Brewing. It Is Recommended For Use On Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces Including Bottles, Glassware, Plastics, Metals, Equipment And Utensils. Each 0.8 Ounce Packet Is Sufficient For 1 Gallons Of Water. Just Allow 1 Minute Contact Time. Comes With Complete Directions.


One step cleanser

One Step No-Rinse Cleanser

(Ps370) Requires No Rinsing. Just Wash In Solution And Your Ready. Perfect For Cleaning Glass Bottles, Jugs And Carboys. Also Safe For Sanitizing Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Other Metals And Plastics. Sanitize Your Spoons, Hoses, Hydrometers And Other Equipment--Even Counter Tops. Cleans With Environmentally-Safe Oxygen. Contains No Chlorine. Bisulfite, Organic Compounds Or Phosphates. Use 1 Tablespoon To Each Gallon Of Water. Comes With Directions.


Yeast Energizer

Yeast Energizer - 1 oz.

A blend of diammonium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, yeast hulls and vitamin B complex. Use a 1/2 teaspoon per gallon in wine to stimulate fermentation. Use 1/4 teaspoon per gallon in beer to revive a slow or stuck fermentation. Yeast energizer also works well in meads and honey brews to help create a complete fermentation. Size: 1 oz.


Yeast Nutrient

Yeast Nutrient - 2 oz.