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Sanitizing Your Mead Making Equipment Equipment

Sanitize Your Equipment properly

I want to talk a little bit about the importance of sanitizing all the equipment you use when brewing your honey wine.

Mead, or any type of wine is a food stuff! Of course you knew this so there is a very strong need to make sure everything is exceptionally clean. But with brewing wines in batches there is an added concern. You are using the same equipment over and over again and you are probably changing recipes and formulas. And this means you don't want any cross contamination. You don't want any yeast or impurities migrating from one batch to the next.

And this means more than just cleaning. It means sanitizing with a product that specifically kills living organisms.

C-Brite Cleanser

One of the common products that amateur wine makers use to sanitize their equipment is C-Brite Cleanser. It is perfectly suited for the purpose.

But, remember to follow the instructions very carefully. This is a strong product and can be dangerous so all precautions must be taken. Wear long sleeves, rubber gloves and safety goggles. Read the package for more instructions and cautions.

Better and Easier Options

I used to use C-Brite but it was quite a bit of hassle. I have since switched to a couple of other products that give the same results without all the work. These sanitizers are rinse free and friendlier to people and the environment.

One-Step No Rinse Cleanser

This is a powder very similar to C-Brite and it is manufactured by a company called LOGIC. It is distributed by LD Carlson. It works terrific and even though it is no rinse I still rinse. One downfall of this cleanser, for me anyway, is that I can't find it anywhere in quantities more than 8 ounces. And while this goes a long way, and is sufficient for the average mead maker, I quickly run out of it.

Easy Clean - This is another no rinse cleanser and it is also distributed by LD Carlson. It comes in a 5 pound bucket which is much more economical for my needs.

Bleach - You can use unscented ordinary house bleach to sanitize your equipment.

I use store bought wine making chemical for sanitizing and you can easily get around this by using Chlorine Bleach and here is an article that will help you: Using Bleach for sanitizing food equipment In summary:

"about one tablespoon (1/2 fluid ounce, 15
ml) of typical chlorine bleach per gallon of water is the maximum
that should be used for sanitizing food contact surfaces, according
to federal regulation".

Available on

C-Brite Cleanser

(Ps350) This Is A Cleaner/Sanitizer Prepared Specifically For Use In Both Home Winemaking And Home Brewing. It Is Recommended For Use On Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces Including Bottles, Glassware, Plastics, Metals, Equipment And Utensils. Each 0.8 Ounce Packet Is Sufficient For 1 Gallons Of Water. Just Allow 1 Minute Contact Time. Comes With Complete Directions.



One Step No-Rinse Cleanser

(Ps370) Requires No Rinsing. Just Wash In Solution And Your Ready. Perfect For Cleaning Glass Bottles, Jugs And Carboys. Also Safe For Sanitizing Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Other Metals And Plastics. Sanitize Your Spoons, Hoses, Hydrometers And Other Equipment--Even Counter Tops. Cleans With Environmentally-Safe Oxygen. Contains No Chlorine. Bisulfite, Organic Compounds Or Phosphates. Use 1 Tablespoon To Each Gallon Of Water. Comes With Directions.