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The Miniature Blacksmithing Shop

I really enjoy the art of blacksmithing and I also enjoy as a hobby the art of diorama making. Well, it was only a matter of time before I made a blacksmith shop diorama! It isn't a full fledged diorama but it is the scene of a blacksmith shop within another diorama. It was a lot of fun to make and it has a forge, anvil, smith's hammer and some weapons that were forged.


And, just for fun I put a small light inside the forge so it glows. Chances are good that you are on this section of my site because you are interested in blacksmithing. So, maybe you would like to see some pictures of the diorama too! Enjoy. And at the bottom of this page I also have a youtube video that I made showing some of the specifics of how I made this diorama.

Miniature smithy


The forge

Here is a look at the forge before I installed it. The red LED is lit and it really looks like a fire is going on inside. I also painted the inside of the forge with red, orange and yellow paint.






The anvil and toolsHere are the various parts after sculpting and before painting.







The miniature hammerThis is my favorite part of this whole project. It is the tiny smiths hammer. I used a very small micro file to slowly sculpt it out of a toothpick.








The miniature anvil

The Hammer is resting on the anvil.








This video shows you more of this diorama and shows you the various techniques I used to make it.


Waterfall DioramaAre you interested in Diorama making? I have lots of tutorials and project here: How to Make Dioramas






New: A look at some famous blacksmiths though the centuries. They have always held a special place in cultures because of their skills and sometimes because of the magical items they forged.





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