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Blacksmithing Equipment: Anvils

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It may be a bit of a challenge to get an anvil. But you can leverage the power of ebay! Here I have a real time listing of anvils (and anvil related stuff) on the ebay site.

You can use the search engine in the box to refine your search.


Ebay Has Anvils Here

Amazon - Just a couple of years ago there were no anvils on amazon. Now there are and because of like I said, there is a demand for them. Anvils on amazon


Ridgid 68622 Model 5 Forged Anvil

The Ridgid 69622 is a model 5 horn anvil. With a face of 3" by 8" this anvil has a large top face, which is ground and drop-forged for a high quality and large work space. This model comes equipped with a Pritchel hole to support the use of various tools as well as an upsetting block. Why do so many professionals choose RIDGID tools? The answer is simple, trust. Millions of RIDGID tools go to work every day in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments. One of the design parameters for developing RIDGID tools is efficient operation. We engineer ease-of-use into every product. And, we include innovative features to ensure that our tools and machines get jobs done as quickly as possible without compromising quality.


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