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How to Forge a Sword Part 5c: Make the Pommel

In this part of the tutorial I show you how to make the pommel of the sword. If you need to start at the beginning of this series of tutorials it is right here: Part 1

Currently in this tutorial I make the pommel out of wood. You can use this same process to make one out of a type of metal. Brass works good. I will probably also do this and add it to this tutorial. For now we will look at the wooden pommel.


The picture below shows the wooden pommel that I made for this sword. In part the pommel is decorative. But it does serve some functions too. It keeps the handle on, it counterbalances the weight of the sword and it is used as a pummeling weapon. Keep these things in mind when making the pommel.

The handle of the sword


Wood selection: There are a whole lot of different woods you can use. You could use almost any wood but lean toward using a hardwood that doesn't easily crack or split. This one is Purpleheart. I also made one out of zebrawood.

Ebony wood

I used a piece of ebony wood. I used a variety of tools to shape it including files, rasps and the belt sander.

You also have to drill some holes part way into it to form the slot for the end of the tang. If you use wood for this be sure to choose a quality hardwood that won't crack or split.

Ebony pommel

Once the pommel is done and it fits well you have to drill it. Put the pommel on the sword and drill right through it and the tang of the sword. This way you can pin it. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole so I can pin it with a 1/8 inch brass rod.

At this point in the process we do not pin anything in place. We have yet to harden and temper the blade in the forge. And do the final grinding and polishing.


NextOkay, I wasn't really happy with this pommel. One of my youtube subscribers says that it looks like the bottom of a chair LOL! I went ahead and made a new one out of a rod of brass. It looks much better and the weight of the sword is more balanced. Let's see how I made the brass pommel here


Blacksmithing tools

Blacksmith tools: The blacksmith uses a set of general tools and also uses some unique and amazing specialized tools. Ever wonder how the groove in a sword is made? I have it all here with pictures.


A hand made sword

Blacksmith a sword fast!

I challenged myself to make a sword real fast and easy. It took me six hours from start to finish. You can make a sword like this too. Check out my tutorial here: Make a sword in six hours



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