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How to Assemble the Crossfire Rocket


It comes with complete instructions but here is an overview. Make sure you take your time and follow all the instructions carefully -particularly when you are building the engine mount.


The Tandem X Rocket Kit

Tandem X Launch Set Estes Rockets The Crossfire is one of the two rockets that comes in the Estes Tandem X Kit.


Cut out then sand the fins.


Assemble the Engine Mount

Assemble the Engine Mount. This is a bit tricky but take your time and go through it step by step.


Install the Engine Mount

Install the Engine Mount into the rocket body.


Cut the nose cone

Cut the nose cone


Install Engine Shroud

Install the Engine Shroud into body tube


Put the fins on the rocket body

Glue the fins onto the rocket body. Then let them dry.


parachute and nosecone

Assemble the parachute and nosecone.


insert parachute

After you put 4-5 pieces of protective wadding insert the parachute and place the nose cone on top.

glue the stabilizer fins onto rocket

Glue the stabilizer fins onto the rocket.

prime the rocket

Put a coat of primer on the rocket and you are ready to paint it and apply the stickers.



Your rocket is complete!

The completed rocket