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Make the Express - Part 2



The shock cord anchor

Now lets do the shock cord and recovery assembly. On the instruction sheet you will see a pattern that looks similar to this. Cut that pattern out. It is the glue point for the shock cord.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here

glue it

You glue one end of the shock cord at the number 1, fold it over, glue at the 2 then do this again at the 3.

Glue into tube

Then glue that into the tube assembly, the center of it is about 1 1/2 inches in.

The mounting lug

We then have to glue the mounting lug on the side of the rocket. It's the little white thing that looks like a straw.

The parachute

There is a little bit of work when it comes to preparing the parachute, but follow the directions and you will be ok attaching it to the nose cone, rolling it correctly then inserting it in th erocket tube. It is important to follow the directions so that the parachute opens successfully.

The paint and decals

That's just about it. What remains is to paint it and apply the decals.

You can paint the recommended way or you can do it any way you like!

Then it is ready for the launching pad. If you want to learn how to install the engines and igniter I have a tutorial on that right here

Estes 1302 CC Express Flying Model Rocket Kit

Move up to extreme, high altitude flying with the multistage CC Express. This extremely fast, high performance, two-stage rocket has two engines, each used during different portions of its flight. Each stage (engine and support unit) is dropped when it ignites the engine in the stage above it. This gives the rocket super high flights. The CC Express has blistering performance and great looks and features a one piece body tube, molded plastic nose cone and laser cut balsa fins for easy assembly. The self-stick decals will make this high altitude specialist a real stand out at any launch site. The CC Express is a must have for any rocket enthusiast looking for ultimate, high flying excitement. Requires tools, finishing supplies, Estes D engines and 3/16" (5 mm) Maxi Launch Rod - sold separately. Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12.


Estes 302215 Porta-Pad II Launch Pad

  • Launch Pad for Standard Engine Powered Rockets
  • Comes with a 1/8 " launch rod
  • Can accommodate an Estes 3/16" Maxi Launch Rod (not included)
  • Assembles quickly and easily, with no glue required
  • Adult supervision recommended for anyone under 12

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