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How to Make Paper from Corn - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the paper from corn. And I show you some alternatives for drying the paper.


Press to dry

Continue pressing out the water.

Use a sponge and screen

Another good way to remove some of the water is to put a screen over the paper and then dab it firmly with a sponge.

Place weights on the paper

Once a good percentage of the water has been removed you then press the paper. You do this by sandwiching it between absorbent sheets and weighing it down with heavy weights. A large stack of books is pretty good for this. The heavier the press the better the paper will be. Let it dry and press like this overnight.

The corn paper

Once it is dried there it is! Your sheet of paper made from corn.

A medieval scroll

How to make a Medieval Scroll!

Fun and easy little project and I have already received a bunch of pictures from people who have made these! How to make a medieval scroll


Aged paper

How to age paper!

Need some paper for a scroll, parchment or something medieval? But don't want to make the paper from scratch? You can take existing paper and treat it to look old. I have that tutorial right here: How to make aged medieval paper.


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