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How to Make Rubber Stamps - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we actually ink and make our stamp! Yay!

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Spread out the ink

Ok, roll out some ink so it even covers your brayer (roller)

Ink the stamp

And then roll the ink onto your stamp with light pressure. You will see the stamp and be able to tell if everything is inked.

It is quite ok to go back and forth between the ink and the rubber stamp.

Press the stamp down

Now place your rubber stamp, ink side down, onto paper and press down firmly on it being sure to press down on all parts of it.

Lift the stamp

Gently peel up the rubber stamp.

The pattern is stamped

There is the compelted stamp. Pretty good. There are a few spots that are light on ink and a little bit of practice inking and stamping will minimize that.

Roll the paper

Another way you can make your stamp is to ink it then put it on the table with the ink up. Then place your paper on it and roll it.

The roller currently has some red ink on it that's why we are seeing some red. But the real point here is the stamp showing up on the bottom side of the paper.

Lift the rubber stamp

Then you lift it to reveal the stamp on the underside of the paper.

Paint on ink

If you don't have a roller

You can still spread the ink on the rubber stamp with a paint brush. You just have to be careful about it. This technique usually takes a bit of practice but still can do a nice job.


NextOkay! You know how to make a stamp but I have a couple of important tips for you - Continue



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