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Here are some pictures submitted by Jessi and her husband. She took these pictures with her cellphone. I love the name they chose for their mead.


A glass of mead   Bottles of mead and a glass of mead

Mead ready to be drank  Several bottles of mead



Here are some great pictures of mead submitted by Talon. Thanks for the pics Talon! These pics include some gallon jugs, five gallon carboys and some terrific, unique, bottles.

Yes i have wine and mead going everywhere, and getting ready to do a pumpkin mead tommarrow.
So far i have a 5 gal batch of strong honey/ 5 gal grape/ 1 gal apple-cranberry/1 gal blueberry mead/1 gal pomegrante mead , just bottled 5 gal of rose mead and 2 gal of my very first grape mead, so far it all has a wonderful color as well as taste. Next year the mazery will be up and running, it will be named   The Whisperring Winds Mazery, as well as my house hold and soon to be shire.
In Service to the Baroney of Northkeep and her Braon and Baroness.
Hoping that all who enjoy the fruit of my labor enjoys or at least gives their thought on how to improve to their taste,
  Kind Regards Talon

Three jugs of fermenting mead

Two carboys of fermeniting mead



Two unusual bottles of mead

Four unusual bottles of mead


Here is an awesome picture of a meadery/winery one web visitor has going on! (Ian) Thanks Ian for the great pic. I had to make the pic a bit small but here are the notations from left to right:

Blackberry wine full bodied, Mead, Tangerine wine, Ginger mead, Ginger wine,
Apple banana and ginger wine, 5 gallons of mead with cinnamon

here's a picture of my latest batch of goodness , it is really my second lot of brewing I have done, I started in the autumn after picking blackberries with my daughter then deciding what to do with them I made jam,  after looking on the net.  I made 30 bottles of not so bad but could be better   blackberry wine  which led to me making my first mead which was good but I went for the spice recipe I think I used too many cloves but tasted nicer the longer i left it.
  then came 20 liters of lager which is in the fridge and it has turned out perfect but it is from a kit  .
I don't know how long you have been making  your own drink but I am totally hooked . I think it must be a creation thing I cant stop watching the airlocks :) and waiting for the next batch im driving my wife mad . thanks for your pointers you have been very helpful

home meadery


Two jugs of fermenting mead

Here are two batches of mead made by Brian S. My thanks go to him for sending in the pics! Here is what he has to say about his mead making:

I've been following you ever since I started home brewing which was just this Christmas. This is my second batch of Mead. My first batch I followed your recipe with the exception of adding some berries towards the final phase and using gelatin to clear my mead. I've bought some bentonite as I've heard from you and others that it is better at clearing and taste.

This batch I went out on a limb, I brewed a gallon of Green tea, and added 5 lbs of honey creating my must. I was going for a bitter/sweet taste like beers do with barley and hops. I'm not sure if it's a gruit or not, but what the hell right lol. I added limes into this batch to get the acidity up for the yeast, and giving it some extra stuff to eat. Instead of using a wine or champagne yeast, I decided to try a
Belgian dry ale yeast instead hoping for a different taste. So far the smell is hypnotic. It won't be ready for saint patties day unfortunately. but I do have some apple champagne I made at the same
time the mead was going.

During this process I've learned several things. Yeast means everything, be patient before drinking because aging does improve on taste, and make sure you have enough made to drink while your batches are going. Thanks for all you do one your web page, you and I are a lot alike. So
many interests, so little time to enjoy them.


Three batches of fermenting meadEarlier we had seen a picture of a batch of Mead by Dave G. Well, he is continuing to make his mead and here is a pic of three batches he has going:

From L to R: 1) your basic orange mead recipe/ Lalvin d47 yeast/ 3# orange blossom honey
2) JAO recipe from (but I didn't follow recipe/process exactly )/ fleischman's active dry yeast/ 4# orange blossom honey (gonna try and let the primary ferment go for more than 60 days since I used a 1/2# more honey than recipe called for).
3) your basic show mead recipe/ yeast nutrient/energizer/ Lalvin EC-1118/ a tad less than 6#, about 5.9# clover honey.

Here are two pictures submitted by Phil. My thanks go to him for sending me these fantastic pics! The box has melomels and one of them is a Jalapeno! The pic on the right is of his mead closet with six gallons bubbling away! They look great!!

Four jugs of fermenting mead Mead being fermented

Here is what Phil has to say:

I just wanted to say thanks to you, your website, and your videos on making mead! I finally popped the bottle, after thinking about making mead for 30 years, and started my first various batches! Yeah, I'm a late bloomer! Anyway, here are a couple of photos of what I've got going on. One is of the general "mead closet" with 6 gallons of basic mead bubbling away (plus a wee bottle). Those are all just basic honey/water/yeasties. The other photo is of a "box" of various melomels ... to the left is blueberry, top is blackberry, right is jalapeno, and bottom is strawberry! Yeah, I went whole-hog! I was a bit worried about the jalapeno, thinking it might adversely affect the yeasties, but it was the first to really kick into bubbling mode! The basic meads were put up mid-January, and went through a first racking at the end of January (after 2 weeks) ... I plan to rack again near the first of March, and then bottle sometime thereafter. The melomels were just started near the end of February. I expect to rack them to a secondary by mid-March, and then see how it goes from there! Thanks again for putting all of your info out there for us noobies to learn from! I'll send some close-ups when it gets time to bottle.


Lots of bottles of home made meadHere is a batch of newly bottled traditional mead by Matt. He also made a clover mead. I love the heat shrink caps. Anyhoo my thanks go to Matt for sending in this great picture!









Here are some pictures of mead made by Jeremy. He has made several batches now and is really enjoying the whole process of mead making! He is thinking about one day opening up his own meadery!

Two jugs of mead fermenting  Mead carboy


Beautiful mead color


Here are two pictures of mead made by Caty. She is definitely having a lot of fun with the mead making!! The colors are absolutely magnificent! My thanks go to her for sharing these pics!!!





Four beautiful batches of mead



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Bottles of MetheglinMake a peach or pineapple fruit mead

If you have always wanted to make a fruit mead (melomel) you might want to check this tutorial out. I take you through the whole process from start to finish including bottling. Make a Peach or Pineapple Melomel


A Glass of Mead

Want to make a mead that is ready to drink in a week?

This is Sima and it is a Finnish mead! I have the recipe with pics right here. This was submitted by a web visitor (Shelby). Make Sima - The Finnish Mead

And a bonus is that it is lightly carbonated!!