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More Mead Making Pictures from Web Visitors


This is page 4 of pictures submitted by web visitors. Mead is a fast growing hobby and lots of people are very much enjoying it. I have plenty more pictures: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 -Page 4 - Page 5


Here are a couple of pictures of mead made by Matthew. My thanks to him for submitting! The dark mead is Buckwheat honey and the light one is wildflower. The picture on the left is when first mixed and the pic on the right is 11 days later.

Two gallons of mead fermenting Later in the ferment with sediment


Here is a picture of mead made by Eric! This is after the first racking. And wow, does it look good or what?

Eric's Glowing Mead


Here are some pictures of mead made by Thomas. (the darker one is made with acasia honey while the lighter one is made with flower honey).

Two batches of mead fermenting

sediment mead



Here is a picture of a pumpkin mead submitted by Rick. He calls it a Sweet Nectar! This picture was taken 48 hours after it was mixed and at the time it was very active. Here is what Rick has to say about how he made it:

Yesterday I made up my mead.  Here are the steps that I used

1 gal spring water brought to a simmer then removed from the heat
3 lbs Wildflower honey added and stirred for 5 minutes to incorporate
then returned to heat and brought back to a boil slowly Once at a boil,
I slowly brought it back to a good simmer and skimmed the foam for about
10 minutes At the 10 minute mark I add 1 can (15 oz) of pumpkin and 1
1/2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice, this simmered for 5 minutes Placed
in ice bath unitl temp reached 73 degrees Funneled into a 1 gallon
carboy Added 1/4 orange peel without the pith (the orange was small,
that is why I used 1/4 instead of 1/5 as you recommended) I capped it
and shook it for about 1 minute Added the yeast straight from the
package (Lalvin D-47) and recapped and shook again for 5 minutes (hell
of a workout to say the least) Airlocked it and it is sitting in the

Now for the hard part, waiting and racking, waiting and racking again,
the more waiting.

Pumpkin Mead

Here is an update on some Pumpkin Mead made by Rick. At the bottom of this page is more about this mead. He submitted to me a new picture of his mead and I wanted to show it to you side by side with an older picture so you could get a good look at how mead develops and clarifies over time. The picture on the left is the new picture after racking and on the right is the mead when it was first mixed.

Pumpkin mead
Pumpkin mead

Here is a picture of mead that was submitted by William M. It looks delicious! He used my Orange Mead recipe and here is what he has to say about it:

Hey! I figured you'd like to see a pic so I attached one. I'm a little worried my oranges might dry out and mold so I may try to sink them tomorrow or remove them...I don't want an overpowering orange taste. I'll definitely taste the mead when I rack...good idea. Thanks again for your advice, I'll keep you updated!

The must

These two pictures are of mead making submitted by Cristobal F. They look absolutely fantastic! From left to right these meads are: Apple, Strawberry, Chestnut and Tangerine (Or Mandarin Orange).

Some Notes from Cristobal about these:

"All four of the flavored meads clarified better than the regular mead recipe, I think its because the yeast attached itself to the particles of fruit in suspention when the main fermentation was over. And the chestnut mead loose all their distinctive flavor , leaving a different, strange to identify taste behind, altough it isn´t bad at all... just strange... I took your standart recipe of flavored orange mead, adapted for 5 liters, replaced the yeast for a champagne yeast (Which i do not recomend unless you want a VERY strong and dry mead, however you can add more honey later) and added the equivalent in weight of oranges in other fruits... strawberries give an amazing colour to the mead , and the strong yeast made the strawberry flavor smooth."

Four batches of mead


A carboy of fermenting mead


Daves first meadHere is an update on the mead making from Dave G. My thanks go to him for the update!

Here is what he has to say about his mead:

Hope all is well. I wanted to show you a picture of my first bottle of mead!! From the first batch I made back on 31 Jan 2012 from your recipe(orange spice melomel) from

I think it tastes pretty darn good right now but am confident it will taste even better after a few more months aging. I plan to pop open one of these bottles this coming Thanksgiving or Christmas and see how it is then. If it ends up tasting as good as it looks right now it should be real good. I used really good citrus but the honey I used was from the grocery store, good but still, commercially processed, orange blossom honey. I have since made some from the same recipe with a real high quality raw, unfiltered orange blossom honey and the same high quality citrus we get here that should be real good. I have attached pics of one of two bottles I just filled tonight and a pic of the really good stuff I'm still bulk aging that I refer to above that will probably be really good when done in about 6 months. Cheers and thanks again for a great web site and all the info on it.

Four batches of fermenting mead


Black Mead Here is a picture of mead that was made by Betty. My thanks go to her for sending in the pic and here is what she has to say:

LOVE the site. Been wanting to make some mead for a while, and I finally got what I needed, and put a couple of batches together.

This is a blackberry mead with a couple of sprigs of rosemary tossed in.
I like to call it "The Black Rose".






Mead with limeHere is an update on two batches of Lime Mead made by Brian S. You can see an earlier pic of these batches just a little bit further down this page. Here is what Brian has to say about this Lime Mead:

I just racked my green tea lime mead and added Bentonite to it. I'm going to wait another 3 or 4 weeks before bottling. First taste out of the siphon was sweeter than the batch I had made using the dry champagne yeast. There was a hint of tartness from the limes, but there was nothing that distinctly stated "LIME HAS BEEN ADDED". The next time I try this batch I am going to slice the limes and mash them a bit, and also add some of the zest. Either that or add some freshly squeezed lime juice when I rack my mead. The hydrometer reading was 5 %, which was expected from the Belgium dry ale yeast I used. I'm not one that goes after a certain alcohol percentage when crafting my brew. I feel that wine and beer drinking is for taste and aroma vs getting drunk....though a slight buzz isn't a bad thing once in a while. I will send pictures after I bottle as well.

(Tip: I get my bottles the cheap way. I have several friends who drink wine on a regular basis so they save me their bottles, and in return I gift them my brew)



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