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Page six of mead pictures


Making Some Mead? Take a picture and send it to me! I will post it here on my website. Share your recipe too!


Three bottles of mead

Here are a series of pictures submitted by Chris. He started out with my fast cheap mead recipe and has had good success with it. In the three pictures are three meads. From left to right are Blackberry, Blueberry and fast cheap.






Three different types of mead fermenting

Three batches of mead in plastic jugs with balloons


Eric's First Mead

Here is a terrific picture sent in by a web visitor and a first time mead maker.

Eric's Mead


Corbin made a 1 gallon batch of mead and he just bottled it. It came out to almost four bottles. Grats to him on this golden goodness!

Four Bottles of mead


Here is some bottled mead made by Nicholas W. It is called DunderHonung which is Swedish for "Thunder Honey"! Nice!



Here are two pictures of mead submitted by Rebecca - The pictures show the mead on the first day and then after first racking. She used wild blackberries, Star Thistle honey and some organic apple juice- She named it Black Star Mead

Black Star Mead Black Star Mead


Sleepy Friar Mead

Here is a bottle of home made mead made by Eric. It is called "Sleepy Friar Mead" This is a terrific name!!









Here is an interesting variation on an airlock created by Nimrod. He uses a ball to seal off the hole in the top of the bucket. This is an interesting way to do it and he is going to keep us updated on how it works. The one downfall of this, he points out, is that you don't see any bubbling.

A home made airlockA home made airlock


Mead must

Here are three mead making pictures from Anders who lives in Denmark. He also gives us some wonderful insight and information into viking mead, danish mead and the history of mead in denmark.

Four Bottles of mead  This is the fist mead that I have made from the left it is a dry spices mead with   Filipendula rubra (mead wort),hops, raisins, whole clove , nutmeg, Cinnamon, juniper, star anise,Ginger, cardamom, the second on is with the same spises but is is a sweet mead the third is Orange Clove Mead Recipe from yours site but is i also with   Filipendula rubra (mead wort) and hops because is was in the base mead the fourth is made with : blueberries, Cinnamon, and  Filipendula rubra (mead wort) and hops



Mead in a beautiful carboythis is an apple mead with : homemade Apple juice, Cinnamon, and  Filipendula rubra (mead wort) and hop.

The honey I have used: all my mead is boiled from wax residues from honey comb with  pollen comb which is the reason of the nice dark color all above was made in 2009 and is now in storage in bottles









lots of mead in the mead room

This is what I has made this year. The one on the left and the one in the front is apple wine and cider. The one in the middle is sweet mead and the little one is apple mead and the one in the back on the right side is a dry mead. The bucket and the one the left is fruit wine. One is bolied fruit juice and the other(the one in the bucket) is exactly the same fruit but it has been frozen and the ferment is with whole fruit  this is made to test  the flavor difference. Mjød is the Danish name for mead and it has been brewed here in denmak for many years. Mead was the preferred drink of the vikings whom were Living her in denmark since about 1000 BC. Filipendula rubra (mead wort) is often used to give bitter taste as Contrast to the sweetness of the honey most in the old days and later hops was used, but nowadays it is almost forgotten because it is mistaken for wine or beer so the taste is  not what people expect. I think it is a shame because it is a very good drink if it is properly made.

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