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Mead pictures Page 7

Making Some Mead? Take a picture and send it to me! I will post it here on my website. Share your recipe too!


Here are some batches of Mead made by Stacey. My thanks to her for sending the pic! She found my ebooks to be very helpful. Here is what she has to say:

"Here's my pictures. To the left in the 3 gallon carboy and ½ gallon jug is the Orange Clove Mead (recipe from your web site). The lighter colored golden in the 1 gallon jug is a traditional mead I made last summer. - Your books were great and helpful."


Here are two pictures of mead made by Andy. My thanks to him for submitting the pics. The pic on the left is a one gallon batch after 5 days. Notice the sediment, this is perfect. And the picture on the right is a 5 gallon batch.


Here are some pictures from a mead maker "Jeff" He has a cabinet where he keeps all his mead, which is excellent (Let's call this the mead cabinet!) and he uses a drill attachment to mix and stir his mead. You can see that it is large enough for a 5 gallon carboy. I should get one of these! You can buy them in wine making shops. My thanks to Jeff for the great pictures!

Here is a batch of mead made by Phil. He is using the fast easy orange cinnamon recipe. This batch is about two weeks old.



Here is a picture of a batch of mead that Dan has fermenting!

Dan's Mead


Liquid sunshine vanilla mead Here is a batch of Vanilla mead made by Craig. He calls it "Liquid Sunshine" and for good reason. It looks delicious.

Here is what he has to say: Alright, the first carboy of vanilla is underway.  I've decided to try both methods recommended by your readers, starting with finely chopping the whole beans and adding to the must. It started bubbling yesterday. Hope to have the second batch going by next week. I'm buying wildflower honey from a beekeeper in the upstate and have to wait until it arrives.








Here is a picture of two batches of mead made by Phil. My thanks to him for the pic! Here is what he has to say: " Here is a picture of my first two gallons... Now the wait... The Left is Orange/Lemon... The right is Orange/Cranberry... They are bubbling like crazy..."

He used a modification of my fast easy recipe here








Here are a couple of pictures of mead in a glass. This mead was made by Hadrian following my Orange Clove mead recipe. Here is what Hadrian has to say about it:

     I have been researching the craft of mead-making on your website for quite some time, I have learned a lot from you and am about to go on to making my first five gallon batch of a basic sweet  rose pedal mead very soon! Last year, I have attempted the easy orange clove recipe you provided and with some patience, I was surprised by the results after seven months. I would like to share these two pictures with you to host on your page if you would like, I was very impressed with my first batch of mead and would like to express my gratitude for all your advice! 



Here is a great looking batch of mead made by Jamie Kunz. He used my oranges and raisins recipe.

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