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Page 8 of Mead Pictures

Making Some Mead? Take a picture and send it to me! I will post it here on my website. Share your recipe too!


Here is a batch of mead made by Tim. This is a great example of how the mead will develop over time. The pic on the left is when it was first made. And on the right is three weeks later. See how the yeast has taken over the batch. Now with time that yeast will all settle and the mead will clear up very nicely and start to look like wine.

Mead Mead


Here is a picture of a couple of batches of Mead made by Ken H. He used tangerines instead of oranges! yummie :)


Here are two pictures of A blueberry mead made by Roger. He froze the berries first which is a great way to break down the cell walls of the berries and release the flavor into the mead. Wow, what a beautiful dark and delicious color! He used one pound of blueberries.


Mead in a 1 gallon carboyMead in a 1 gallon carboy



Allan's MeadWant to just try out a small batch? Here is a fermenting batch made by Allan. This is a one gallon batch and he used my fast easy recipe.

He is also thinking about making a batch of mead with a lemon-lime citrus fruit called "Calamansi" in place of the oranges. Here is his exact recipe:


2 lbs Sue Bee Raw honey,
25 Raisins (Sun Maid)
1 pack Red Star active dry yeast (5g)
1 gallon Wilkins Distilled Water (4000 ml bottle)
1 Navel Orange
Accessories: 1 balloon (serves as the airlock)
Cost: approx $20 (or about PHP700)
Mixed: 27 February 2011
Racked: TBD
Bottled: TBD


And the following two pictures show Allan's Mead three weeks later. You can see it is starting to develop that wonderful wine look.


Shining a light through mead

The orange slices in mead


Here is a picture of Mead made by Roger. This is his second batch and he has a great plan for it:

The mead in this picture will eventually be a blueberry mead.  Right now
it is a basic mead made with the following ingredients.

2.25 lb Clover Honey
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 tsp Yeast Energizer
1 pk Lavlin EC-1118 Yeast

I heated 2 qt water and honey to 165 degrees for 10 minutes then cooled
it to 75 degrees and put it in the primary.  I added the yeast and water
to make 1 gallon.

My plan is to rack the mead onto 1 lb. thawed blueberries after about a

One gallon of mead



Here are a couple of pictures submitted by Fernando. I really like this because it shows a couple of important things. First off you can see that he is taking very meticulous notes which is very important. And secondly you can see the airlock he improvised. Here is what he has to say about making the airlock:

I used the cap of the jug with a thin hose through it. on the cap, I used one layer of epoxi resin, just to make sure the hole that the hose goes through is sealed, and one layer of hardened epoxi, to cover and protect all the rest. then I tied a small plastic bottle on the jug, filled it with water and alcohol, and done! that's my airlock!

Mead data sheet A home made airlock


Here is a picture of mead that Kieran made. He made a cyzer with apples! Here is his recipe:

  • 1 big bottle Spring Water (room temperature, do not get refrigerated)
  • 2x 454g, cheap honey
  • 1 teaspoon Allinson dried active yeast, hand baking
  • 24 raisins
  • 2 Apples, trying to be clean I boiled water splashed on outside, then top and bottom cut off because of stems and maybe germs. Then the rest of it was cut into sections and plonked in. *Next time im going to mash up the apples

Balloons on top of three batches of mead


Here are a pair of pictures of mead made by Scott. He used my quick and easy recipe. The picture on the left is just mixed and on the righ is two and a half weeks later. My thanks to Scott for submitting these great pics!


Scott's Mead just mixed Scott's Mead 2 weeks later


Here is a picture of some mead made by Jim. It is starting to get that wonderul clear color wine look!

Beautiful color of mead

Here are a couple of batches of mead made by Robert. They are both made with Mesquite Honey and one has spices added. Notice the notes that he has on the bottles? That is something you should always do with your mead!

Two batches of mead


Here are a couple of pictures from Mike. There is a picture of the mead in the carboy and one of the very first shot from the batch! He says about the shot: "It tastes like sweet and alcohol"

Mead  A shot of mead

Here are a couple of fantastic pictures of mead that we don't normally get to see - in the glass. The beautiful thing about these two pictures is how they show the amazing variety of mead. The picture on the left is a buckwheat mead and on the right is a wildflower mead. My thanks to Matthew for submitting these pics. Below is a picture of these two meads while they were fermenting.

A glass of mead  A glass of mead

Two fermenting mead jugs


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