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Page 9 of Mead Pictures

Making Some Mead? Take a picture and send it to me! I will post it here on my website. Share your recipe too!


This page has grown to be quite big so I have split up the pictures across several pages.

Here is a terrific batch of mead made by Christina. She used chopped raisins as the energizer. It shows a lot of great improvisation. There are many jugs out there you can use and I love the airlock. She added a little bit of food coloring to it! Makes it more interesting to look at and easier to see the bubbling. My thanks to her for submitting the pic and the idea! The label on the jug says "Hangover Cyser"!


Here is a wonderful picture of two batches of mead made by Richard. He calls these "Dutch Mead". My thanks to him for sending in the pics. One is a Cyser and one is a Rhodomel. I have never made a Rhodomel but have heard good things about them. A Rhodomel is made with rose petals - yummie. And I particularly like the decanturs he is using.

Two decanters with mead

You may remember a few months back I posted a pic of a raisin in a batch of mead that looked like Elmo. The pic is hilarious. and really does look like Elmo. Well, the mead from that batch has been bottled! The two pics are below. The finished product has a wonderful color to it. Anyhoo, my thanks to Ian for submitting the pics. And we really should calls this batch "Elmo's Mead". Lol!

Smiley face raisin A bottle of mead

Here are some pictures of Mead made by Brad. He Calls it "KickFlap" ! The pictures are of KickFlap 1 before and after racking and of KickFlap 2 which has 1 lemon, 1 lime and two pounds of dark honey. Kickflap 2 got off to a great start and was bubbling nicely within 4 hours.

KickFlap 1 before Racking KickFlap 1 after rackingKickFlap 2


Here is a picture of two batches of mead made by Josh. They are Cherry and Raspberry, He used the recipes right here on the site. They look fantastic and my thanks to him for sending the pic!

Cherry and Raspberry mead


Here is a fantastic batch of mead made by David S. He calls it Orange Dream Mead and that is one heck of a terrific label!

Bottles of mead




Here are some pictures of Mead from Robert who just bottled it. Here is what he has to say about the process:

You were right. Bottling one's mead is a lot of fun!
And quite exciting, especially when it's your first batch :-)

Couple of really neat things about this is that he designed his own labels and he waxed the corks! I have a tutorial on the waxing right here if you want to learn more.

Bottled Mead

Mead bottled, labeled and waxed




pumpkin meadeHere is a great looking batch of pumpkin meade made by Jamie. This pic was taken on the day it was mixed.








Here are some pictures of a batch of mead made and bottle by Phil. What a beautiful golden color! My thanks to Phil for submitting the pics and letting me know about his mead!






WillA Note from Will: Want to make some Mead? You can check out my ebooks here




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