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Making Some Mead? Take a picture and send it to me! I will post it here on my website. Share your recipe too!


This page has grown to be quite big so I have split up the pictures across several pages.

Wicked Remedy MeadHere are a couple of bottles of Mead made by Taresa. She calls it Wicked Remedy. I absolutely love it! My thanks to her for submitting the pic.



Reaping the Fruits of Mead Making Patience! Here are some batches of mead that have been bottled up. This mead is made by Ken H. and my thanks go to him for the update.

He gives his mead some great names (see below the pic) and he calls his operation "Milky Way Meadery"

Well, here I am, 7 months later, and the 9 x 1 gallon jugs of mead that survived the trip (we didn't drink them!) were bottled and labeled. I created labels using "Beer Labelizer" from , by Andy Biggs. It's such a great resource for fast and cheap (free) labels. Just save them as images, do some touching up in Photoshop, and print!

I put my "meadery" name as "Milky Way Meadery", being an amateur astronomer, and recorded the ABV % (two of them are fairly high: 20% and 26%, after combining different yeast strains and slowly adding additional sugars into the mix to keep fermentation going), and then got to make up goofy names!

I've gotten 1 gallon of mead down to $15 ($8 honey, $1 water, $2 wyeast, $4 fruit), and 1 gallon of wine down to about $7 ($1 water, $2 sugar, $4 fruit) by shopping at Wal-Mart for everything but the yeast (which I order online). Of course, "$2 Sugar" is one of those large packages of sugar, so that's going to last for at least 5 or 6 gallons of "wine".

Without further adeu! Each tasted absolutely fantastic (although with the green apple, I may mix it with something else is it's rather dry and EXTREMELY potent!).

Lots of bottled meads

Left to right:
"Goblin Blood" (Strawberry - Wine)
"Troll Drool" (Green Apple)
"Golden Grog" (Pineapple)
"Fruity Tartbomb" (Raspberry - Wine/Mead)
"Virgin's Blood" (Cherry)
"Perky Peach" (Peach)
"Drunkard's Piss" (Lemon - Wine)
"Freyja's Triumph" (Plum)


Fermeinting mead

Here is a batch of mead made by Eric. He lives in Japan and couldn't get the normal supplies easily. So he improvised. Here is what he has to say about this batch:

I live in Japan, and as a result I have had to improvise with materials. I was not able to find any glass containers with the same thin mouth, so I purchased a glass container used for making umeshu liquor. Umeshu uses Japanese plums soaked in very high percentage alcohol, as such air tight locks are not as important. I did my best to completely tape shut the lid and make a hermetic seal. I was able to find this air lock, completely over priced at roughly 12 U.S. dollars !




Mead in a glassHere is a great look at a Glass of Mead. The great thing about this, other than the mead, is the bee on the glass! My thanks to Doug for sending in this pic. And below are a couple more pics of his mead making operation.

Here is what Doug has to say about his mead:

The glass of mead was our first attempt. it was from a kit and we added strawberries and a little bit of blackberry cider to it. tastes great. the pic with the mr. beer fermenter in is my son's mead. The pail on the right is pumpkin mead and the jug on the left is the ancient mead made with cinnamon, and orange. the second series of pics are of the son's mead that was racked to half gallon jugs, one with a vanilla bean, one with oak chips, 2 with blackberries, and one with nothing added. the jug on the far right is the pumpkin mead we moved to a jug.



Batches of fermenting meadMead


Three MeadsHere is a picture of three meads made by James, A pineapple melomel, a spiced cyser, and another pic of the wildflower as it cleared.







Here are some terrific batches of Mead made by Glenn. He is definitely having some fun! My thanks to him for sending in the pic and here is what he has to say:

Fermenting Mead

From left to right they are ...
1 gal Blueberry mead.
1/2 gal blueberry mead (different yeast).
5 gal crabapple wine (from my neighbors tree - he hates to rake them up from his landscaping rocks in the fall so I offered to pick most of them. He gets a bottle for letting me pick them although I did get stung by a wasp doing it).
1/2 gal raspberry mead (the other half of the 1/2 gal blueberry - I just split the batch into two jugs and added different fruit to each).
1 gal mead (from your recipie on the website - orange and raisin).



Two batches of mead

Here is an update on a couple of batches of mead made by John. (The previous picture is right below this pic. You can see how the batches are clearing up very nicely. I love this process of clarification. It's almost like magic.

Here is what he has to say about these batches:

Nan King Cherry Mead. Bottle number 1(the one of the left) had nothing extra added. Bottle number 2 ( the one on the right) had a 1/4 pound of quartered British Columbia Cherries added to it after last racking. Just racked again to remove cherries. Both have wonderful legs and a amazing taste. Will be bottling them in the next few weeks and then they will sit for another 6-8 months before first testing.



Two batches of cherry meadHere are two Gorgeous batches of Cherry mead that are made by John. I love the color of these! And my thanks to John for submitting the pics.










Here is a picture of a variety of meads made by James. He has really taken a liking to his new found hobby of home brewing! Here is what he has to say about these meads:

"The oldest is on the far left. His twin brothers are in the middle, and they came to be in June... the twin on the right is buckwheat honey which is why it is that color, everything else is the same. Finally, the baby is on the far right, he's wildflower honey and still under airlock. He's going to need changing in a couple weeks, see the lees at the bottom of his carboy?? ;-)

James's meads



Paul has four batches of mead going! Two are five gallon batches and two are single gallon batches. My thanks to him for sending in the pics!

here are the 2 x 5gal. batches I have going. One cherry one orange cinn.

and the 2 x 1gal. batches..... One peach and one vanilla....


Mead pail Mead fermenting


Nanking Cherry Mead

Here is a pic of a couple of batches of Nanking Cherry Mead submitted by John. My thanks to him for the pic!

Here is what he has to say about making it:

Here is a picture of the Nanking cherry (very tart) mead I started a couple days ago... I pitted the cherries, then put them in a vintners bag and squeezed the juice outta approximately 1 litre of cherry juice out of two pounds of cherries...Emptied out half of the water into a sterilized container. added 3 pounds of honey, half package of EV-1116 yeast in each,17 raisins and added water until there was just a little headroom in the container.



Here are some stunning bottles of Mead made by Robert. He made the mead himself and designed these gorgeous bottles himself. (Wow, that is a terrific label ) Here is what he has to say:

bottled my Orange Blossom Honey Mead last week, I also designed some labels and applied them this morning.

Made with current harvest Ojai orange blossom honey.

All indicators are that it will be good, really good. Still a bit rough around the edges (that's why it's going to age another year in the cellar), but the bouquet of orange blooms is quite remarkable.

Really looking forward to tasting time!

Bottled mead



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