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How to make paper part 2

In this part of the tutorial we pour the liquid paper into the mold and remove some of the excess water from it. We also take a look at the wooden mold and deckle.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here

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The mold and deckle is a two part thing. The mold (on the right) is just a frame with some screen stretched over it. The deckle is just a cover that goes on the mold. The deckle just holds the liquid pulp into shape for a little bit. Then you lift it off and the paper is shaped. I have a tutorial on how to Make a mold and deckle here.

A Mold and deckel

Pour onto mold

Now, with your deckle on top of your mold go ahead and pour the pulp evenly on the screen. You can shake it a little bit. You can dip it in the water a little bit and smooth it out a little bit. But the act of pouring it is a great way to even it out.

The pulp looks good

It looks good. There are some nice blue specks in the paper.

At this point you could also add some splashes of color by squirting paint on it. You can also embed things in the paper now like thread, string, leaves, spices and even pressed flowers.

Lift off the deckel

Gently lift off that deckle.

Place a screen

It looks good. Now gently place a screen over the paper.

Pad with a sponge

And gently pad it with a sponge. Continue doing this and keep wringing out the sponge away from the paper. We are flattening it out and removing most of the water from that paper.

Doing this padding also causes the paper to stick to your screen which is quite a desirable thing.

Lift the screen

Lift up the screen and the paper is nicely adhered to it.


NextOK! Let's finish this paper off


Trash to treasure book

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