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St. Louis and the Gateway to the West


I like St. Louis. Regrettably because of my schedule I could only spend two days there. Awww.... There truly is a lot to do and see in this amazing city.


There are three highlights to my trip to St. Louis and one disappointment. Let me explain.

The three highlights that I visited or experienced are the Arch, the Basilica,and some great St. Louis Barbecue. I will explain the disappointment in a minute.


Here is a picture I took of the arch.

This arch reminds me a lot of the arch in Tijuana. If you want to see pictures of my trip to Tijuana you can check them out here.

Here is another picture of the arch.

I took a lot of pictures of the Arch. You can see more here: Pictures of The Gateway to the West (The Arch) in St. Louis


One of the things that St. Louis is famous for is their barbeque and their ribs. I had to stop at a place that specializes in it! And it was SOOOO GOOODDD!!!




And the third thing I experienced/visited while in St. Louis was the Basilica. It is a remarkable work of architecture. But this is where my disappointment comes in. This Basilica is world famous for the mosaic work inside. And... the day I was there the inside was closed to the public. So... I didn't get to see it, or take any pictures of it.

But here is the exterior of this magnificent structure.