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Model Rocket Launch in a Snowstorm

The other day it was really snowing hard, and the wind was really blowing and I was thinking about how long it would be until I got to launch some rockets. Then the thought occurred to me that I don't have to wait until spring! Why not launch a rocket in a snowstorm!?


Rocket launch in the snow

So I gathered up my rocket stuff, put it in a durable plastic bag, grabbed my snow shovel and headed for a nice spot (A nearby cemetary)

I felt like some kind of antarctic explorer and it was fun. I dug a little bunker for the rocket and set it up. First try was unsuccessful so I changed the igniter and the second time was the charm.

Lesson learned: Don't launch a white rocket in a snowstorm! Lol. I lost it in the falling snow. I couldn't follow its trajectory and have no idea where in the snow it landed. Anyway, a few days later its snowing again and I may be looking at the spring thaw before I can recover the rocket!


Update on the Snowstorrm Model Rocket Launch

I wasn't satisfied with this one launch so I decided to launch another rocket. This time I used a black rocket with a red streamer and it went much better. I just had to wauit for another snowstorm. Second Launch in a Snowstorm