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The second Model Rocket launch in a Snow Storm

Plenty of snow storms here in New England, So, as odd as it sounds there are plenty of opportunities to launch rockets! That is, if you like launching rockets in snow storms!


My first snowstorm rocket launch went well as far as rocket launches goes. I had trouble with the igniter so I had to replace it and on the second try the rocket launched real well right up into the snow fall. I lost sight of it in about 5 seconds.

I figured I would try again next snow storm with a bigger rocket of a color different than white! Sure enough, I used a black rocket and attached a red streamer to it. No problems at all following its whole trajectory through the snowing sky. But, of course, something always seems to snag things up and this one landed in a tree!! lol Here is the video:


The Tandem X Rocket Kit

Tandem X Launch Set Estes Rockets This kit comes with complete materials for two rockets and the launching pad. In order to use these rockets you do need to purchase some additional items and you will need a few basic tools. I have a tutorial right here on this site that takes a good look at this kit.