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The Almanac of Night Sky Objects


There are literally tens of thousands of things to find in the night sky. Some of them are static like galaxies and nebula while others change on a regular basis like planets, the moon, meteor showers and comets. Here is an almanac that will help you find things in the night sky.



  • Meteor Showers for 2016- There are some great meteor showers that come every year and a couple of them even give us a rate of about 120 meteors per hour!
  • The current Phase of the moon - The phase of the moon is important to know whether you are observing the moon or worried about light pollution affecting your deep sky observing.

One of the best ways to really get to know your way around the night sky is to purchase a book or star atlas. I have put together a store of some of my best picks from Astronomy and Telescope Books and Star Charts

The Moon

The moon