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Eight Inch Telescope parts list with purchase links

Here are links to the various parts used in the tutorial on how to make an eight inch newtonian telescope.


Quikrete Concrete Forming Tube 10 " Dia X 4 ' L

Try to buy this at a home improvement store so you don't have to pay the very high shipping costs.


Orion 13031 Basic 1.25-Inch Rack-and-Pinion Telescope Focuser

Basic focuser. And this is the exact one that I purchased from Amazon.


20mm Plossl 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece

This is a good first eyepiece to get. It is inexpensive and low power. And the low power is very good for a beginner. It will make good use of a home made telescope and give you a wide field of vision which makes it easier for you to find things in the night sky. This particular eyepiece gives my eight inch newtonian a magnification of 36.


135mm Telescope Spherical Mirror - 1000mm Focal Length

This mirror is a little over five inches in diameter. And it is spherical which means it is possible for a little bit of color distortion. But economical for a home made telescope. Note though that this is a 5 inch mirror. You have to adjust the materials you use to make your telescope smalller than the eight inch telescope I make in this tutorial. For example you need a tube of lesser diameter and a smaller secondary.

Want a higher quality parabolic mirror? This set has the eight inch mirror and the secondary mirror Here on Ebay:Parabolic Mirror and Secondary on ebay



3M 402 Bondo 857 ml Fiberglass Resin


Bondo 488 Fiberglass Mat



3M Paint Project Respirator, Medium


Parts List and Tools:

  • The Primary Mirror (8 inch) (Listing of Telescope Mirrors on eBay)
  • Amazon also carries some telescope mirrors: Telescope Mirrors on Amazon
  • The Focuser (1.25 inch) Orion 13031 Basic 1.25-Inch Rack-and-Pinion Telescope Focuser
  • The Secondary Mirror ( 51mm X 35mm )
  • An Eyepiece (1.25 inch and 20mm)
  • The remaining common parts:
  • 1 quart of fiberglass mix, this includes the resin and the hardener
  • 1 square yard of fiberglass cloth. I used very light weight. No need for heavy weight. That is for boat making. Light weight is sufficient and cheaper.
  • The tube - 10 inch quikrete tube that is 48 inches long (Quikrete Concrete Forming Tube 10 " Dia X 4 ' L)
  • 1 piece of 1/2 nch plywood 2'x2'
  • For the diagonal mirror:
  • 18 inches of threaded rod - 8-32
  • nine 8-32 nuts for the threaded rod
  • 1 piece of one inch diameter dowel that is 2 inches long
  • For the Mirror mount:
  • 3 brass flat head bolts that are 1/4-20 and 3 inches long (Brass is optional but they have to be flat head bolts
  • 3 1/4-20 wing nuts
  • 9 1/4-20 flat washers
  • 3 1/4-20 hex nuts
  • 3 springs that will slide over the 1/4-20 bolts. About 1 inch in length. You can get a bag of various springs cheap. Or you can get one long spring and cut it into three pieces.
  • 4 wood screws to attach the mirror mount to the tube (can vary in size)
  • For the Focuser:
  • 4 bolts that are one inch long and 6-32 thread
  • 4 nuts (6-32)
  • 4 flat washers (6-32)
  • 3 small pieces of sheet metal
  • 3 small pieces of cloth or velcro
  • Paint:
  • Flat black for inside of tube
  • Your choice of color for outside of tube. I chose red.

Tools, Drills etc

  • Saw to cut the tube and the wood with. You are going to need some kind of power saw to cut the disk circles. A jigsaw or bandsaw will be good for this.
  • A couple of screwdrivers for the various nuts and bolts
  • A couple of wrenches for the various nuts
  • 2 inch hole saw
  • Various drill bits to create clearance holes
  • A respirator, latex gloves and long sleeve shirt if you are going to fiberglass your telescope tube - The respirator will cost you about 25 dollars.




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