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Lesson 13: Drawing Chainmail


Once you get an understanding of what chainmail is you can easily draw it.


a knight wearing chainmail

Chainmail is pretty easy to draw. It is simple long rows of tiny circles bunched up close together. The pike wielding knight shown here has a chainmail shirt and a chainmail headpiece. One important thing to remember about chainmail is that it is usually not worn alone so often times there would be a variety of armor worn over it so you would only see the actual chainmail between the pieces of plate armor or around the edges.


Before you start to draw some chainmail let's take a closer look at some chainmail.


This is chainmail. It is simply a long succession of tiny rings all linked together. And when you draw chainmail you kind of do the same things as a blacksmith would do when he was making it.

Now let's take a look at how it is drawn:

how to draw chainmail

A- This shows how easy it is to draw chainmail. You simply draw series of little circles. But knights and their mail are not made of straight lines so...

B- You make the chainmail curve a little bit to follow the curve and shape of the knight and the shape a heavy shirt would have - a little bit of sagging.

C- Chainmail is all the same color but being metal it will reflect light in some areas and be dull in other areas. You should draw over the circles in the dark areas to make them darker. You can see this in my drawing of the knight particularly around the arm and side nearest the pike.

Lets continue on to the next lesson: How to draw action in your figures


Draw Medieval Fantasies

Offers step-by-step instructions for drawing dragons, castles, and other objects of the medieval world; covers basic skills as well as advanced drawing techniques.


How to Make Chainmail: This is a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make chain mail. I show you which wire to use, how to create the rings and how to weave the actual mail. How to make chainmail. I will also be doing a tutorial on how to make a piece of chainmail armor.




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