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How to Make a Clash of the Titans Perseus Sword

This is part 2 where I show you how to use celluclay to make the blade

This is part 2 of the tutorial. You can find part 1 here: Make the Perseus sword part 1 In the first part of the tutorial I showed you how to make the sword completely out of cardboard. In this part we use that completed sword and we add a product called Celluclay to the blade and the medallion. This gives it a terrific Iron age look. If you look at the picture below you can see that the blade is not just sheets of cardboard. This is the celluclay that I applied.

It is simply a high quality paper mache product that you mix with water then spoon on, mold on or brush on.

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Here is a look at the modified sword after it has been coated with Celluclay and painted.


Perseus sword



(1 Pound of Celluclay - Plenty for this project)

Celluclay Instant Paper Mache - Simply add water. Needs no firing; air dries. Completely nontoxic. Adheres to almost any surface. Versatile - can be sanded, sawed, and nailed.

Celluclay is a low cost, recycled paper medium which mixes easily and molds quickly. It can be sanded, sawed, nailed and water proofed. Wet Celluclay can be added to areas already dried . And any unused mixed Celluclay can be stored for several days in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. Celluclay adheres to almost any surface and can be combined with a variety of materials. Celluclay requires no special tools for working. (simple sculpting tools include plastic knife, fork, stirrer, toothpicks, cookie cutters, etc.)

Okay, once the cardboard sword is cut out and glued together we are ready to make the celluclay.


Mix celluclay

Put a cup of the dry celluclay in a bowl and slowly add in some water while mixing. Keep adding water until the celluclay has the consistency of oatmeal.


Apply Celluclay

Using a spoon apply the celluclay directly to the blade and the medallion. Stand it up and do both sides of the sword. Contnue to work it. You will get a feel for it. You want to get most of it coated in a nice even coat. But don't worry about it too much. You can do more after it dries and you can sand it, drill it, file it and work it all kinds of ways once it has dried


The sword is taking shape

You can see that the sword is taking shape.

Use any tools you are comfortable with including a spoon, butterknife or a thick bristled paintbrush. You can even use small pieces of cardboard.


The celluclay is pretty interesting and effective stuff and you can experiment with it to get it to different consistencies ranging from a dough like bread dough to very watery. It does take a long time to dry though and you should sit it near a radiator or some other safe heat source until it dries overnight.

Closeup of the sword blade

Here is a closeup of the blade after it has been painted silver. You can see that terrific dappled look that the celluclay creates. It is very iron age or bronze age sword.