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Build a Kid's Castle Play Diorama



Here is a fantastic little Castle Diorama that a web visitor (Don W.) built for his Fiance's children. It was no doubt a terrific present! They really love the movie How to Train Your Dragon" and this fits into that theme perfectly.

This is a great example of how a little bit of creativity and ingenuity can go a long way - all th way to Camelot!

It includes a landscape with a river and realistic water and it has trees that Don made along with a working drawbridge. I have included some pictures.

He made it out of foam so it would be durable yet ok for the kids to be rough with it.

You can make something like this. All it takes is some basic materials and a little creativity.

Here are the Pictures


The castle

Castle Wall and Stairs Castle Wall and Drawbridge

The tree

He made the trees by using wooden dowels and wrapping them in floral tape and floral wire.



He made the working drawbridge by using Gorilla glue to glue the dowel to the drawbridge and he used metal eyelets so the dowel could rotate.


The castle The terrain

Scenery The table

The Keep The river


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