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Paper Jack in the Box - Making the heads


This is part three of the tutorial on how to make a paper jack in the box. We finish it up by making the heads that go on the spring.

Bit of Creativity Here.

You can make all kinds of little heads to go on your springs. It would be fun to think up stuff. You could even print out a little picture of your own face and put it on there.


jack in the boxes


Ok, the only thing remaining is to make the heads of the Jack in the boxes. I give you the templates for the three shown above, the monster, the bat and the pumpkin.


The pumpkin template

Cut out this shape and be sure to cut all the little cuts along both sides. Now we can roll this into the shape of a pumpkin.


Roll the pumpkin

Roll the pumpkin into this shape and glue it in place.


Fold the flaps

Now you can tuck all those flaps down, both on the top and bottom of the pumpkin, and glue them into place.


The pumpkin on the spring

Now you can attach the pumpkin head to the spring and put it in the box! YAY!



Let's make the Monster Head


Cut out the monster head template

Cut out the monster head shape and the hair piece.



folding the head

Ok, you can see here how the monster head is folded up into a sort of head shape!


The head is folded

There you go. Fold it up and glue it as a head shape.


All Done

Glue the hair piece onto it and decorate it. You can now glue it to the top of your paper spring and insert it into the box.


Now Let's Make the Bat


And theres the paper bat.

The paper bat


Your Jack in the Boxes are done! Happy Halloween.

jack in the boxes



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