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Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we begin making the diorama.




The Template

Print up the template. (located here in pdf form) - If you have card stock that is at least 90 pound then put that in the printer and print the packet right onto that. Then you won't have to glue the piece to anything you can use that , cut it and assemble it.


I am going to assume you don't have 90 pound card stock or index paper and you are printing on regular old printer paper.

Cut out the pieces

Cut all the pieces out of the template.


Glue pieces to heavy paper or thin cardboard

Glue all those pieces down to the manila folder or the cereal box cardboard. Whichever you prefer. But don't glue the big square that is the stone tower. That gets glued to the paper towel tube.


Glue tower section onto a tube

Glue that stone section right around the paper towel tube.


Cut out the window

And cut out rapunzels window.


Cut the tower roof

Cut a slot in the roof piece from the edge to the center.


Fold tower roof

And fold it over like this so it forms a cone. Glue it in position.


Glue roof onto tower

Glue the roof to the top of the tower.


Insert Rapunzel

Slide Rapunzel into the window.


Glue Rapunzel into place

And glue her into place like this.


Fold knight

Fold the knight on the dashed line so he stands up like this. Well, he doesn't stand up! Fold it so his horse stands up!

NextLet's continue, make the box and finish the project




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