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Make the Blade Sword with the Hidden Dagger
(The Sword of the DayWalker)

This is the sword from the Blade movies

This is a pretty easy project to make and you don't need a lot of materials. It is the sword from the Blade movies. A double edged katana with a hidden dagger in the handle. It is also known as the DayWalker sword because Wesley Snipes' character carries it.

The dagger stores in the handle and becomes part of the handle of the sword. It is easily removed as a second weapon. This is all very safe and made out of foam board.

Video Tutorial: I also have a video tutorial showing how to make this sword. It is at the bottom of this page.


The Blade Sword with Dagger

Can you make this blade sword? You sure can! Here is a picture of the sword made by Thomas. My thanks to him for sending in the pic!!

The blade sword


Let's Get Started!


In terms of materials you don't need a whole lot for this project. Just a single sheet of foamboard and a cardboard paper towel tube. That's about it. Some wire if you want to make ornaments on the handle. And I will show you that.

Foam board comes in a standard sizes so cut yourself three strips the full length of the board. And cut yourself three strips that are the length of your paper towel tube as shown in the pic. My paper towel tube is 1 3/4 inside diameter so my strips are all this size.


The materials needed



Test the three strips

You should cut the width of your strips in this way. Stack the three of them together then fit them in the tube. It should be a snug fit. Do the same test with the three shorter strips.


GLue together

Step 1: Glue together three of the pieces as shown in the picture. It is one long piece in the middle and a short piece on each end. It makes a three piece sandwich. Use any glue you prefer. I used a hot glue gun.


Glue on long strips

Step 2: Now glue the two long strips onto the center piece. Glue them right up against the short strips. These long strips will hang out on the left as shown. This now makes your sword longer.

The left side

The left side of the sword ends up looking like this. See how there is an empty space on the left? This is where the dagger will go.


Insert into the tube

Now slide the paper towel tube over that left end of the sword (the handle end) Slide it so the sheets of foam board come flush with the edge of the tube.



Lay the assembly down and measure four inches from the end. Then using a saw or knife cut right through the whole assembly right on that four inch line. You will be cutting through the tube and the two sheets of foamboard inside it.


This picture shows me cutting through the whole assembly.


The two cut pieces

Now take those two cut pieces out of the short end of the paper towel tube and glue them to your remaining short piece as shown in the picture. This becomes your dagger. Once the glue is dried you can insert that assembly into the paper towel tube short piece. This is your dagger.


The dagger is assembled

Here it is all assembled. This is your dagger. Now stuff the tube with scraps of paper towel and glue the whole thing nice and securely together.


Stuff the handle

This picture shows me stuffing paper towels into the dagger handle. Once it is full I glued it nicely with a hot glue gun.


Slide dagger into handle

Slide the dagger into the handle of the sword just to see how it all fits. It should go pretty smoothly.


Glue sword to handle

Now lets glue the sword to its handle. This is the trickiest part of the whole process. See how there is a space in there between the two sheets of foam board? You need to keep that space so the dagger will slide in and out. So, put a small piece of foamboard in there just to act as a temporary spacer. Then glue all around the empty spaces in there to glue the two foam board pieces to the paper towel tube. Don't get any glue on the spacer. Once the glue has dried you take the spacer out.


Apply glue

This picture shows the spacer in place and I am gluing in the empty space above. The glue is to hold the sword blade to the paper towel tube. That spacer does not get glue and it is removed once the glue is dry.


NextOk, Lets finish this Sword Blade Project


Here is the video showing this complete tutorial


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