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How to Make the Blades of Chaos



Here's an easy project that uses foam board and a length of plastic chains. In this tutorial we make the blades of chaos from the game God of War.

All you need to do is print the template, trace it, cut it and glue the pieces together. We also take a look at a more advanced version where the handle is carved out of foam board.

There are two chaos blades in the set so you should make two. And I show you two different ways to make them. The easy way is just with foamboard or cardboard. The more challenging way uses foam for the handle. And it looks terrific.

You can do you blades either way.



Blades of Chaos finished product

Can you make these blades? Here is a set made by Rintu:
Blades of chaos


Blades of Chaos tracing templateFirst, start by printing out your template, cutting the pieces out, tape them together then use those templates to tracet onto foam board. There will be three pieces. One main piece and two side pieces.






Blades of Chaos cutting piecesFor this tutorial we use a foam board cutter but if you don't have one you can use an x-acto knife in order to cut out the pieces. The best way to cut the foam board is to go over it twice. Cut around the outline half way so you have your outline cut. Then use the second pass to finish cutting through.





Blades of Chaos gluing the handleNow, glue the three pieces together. Remember to line up the handle part on all three pieces.






Blades of Chaos paint and detail workFor the paint use a darker grey for the outer part of the blade and a silver for the inner part. For the handle use some brown and grey paint. You can use black for the detail work.






Blades of Chaos add chainsNext, add the chains. For this tutorial we use plastic chains. You can pick these up at Hope Depot or any other hardware store. All you need to do is use some wire and create a loop at the end of the blade in order to attach the chain.






rasping the foam shapeFor the more detailed version of the sword, repeat the previous steps except for the handle use two larger pieces of foam. All you need to do is create two pieces much like before, and then carve out the details. Some good tools to use are a rasp, file, x-acto knife and sand paper. For a more in depth description of the carving process see the video below.





The Video Tutorial:


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