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How to Make a Batman Mask - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we actually form the mask.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Form the ears

Now let's form the ears

Run the palm of one hand down the center of the skulll like this. And with your other hand you can also guide the shape of the ear. See how the ears form very nicely? Keep working this, heating the foam and forming the ears.

The craft foam won't close all the way in bat ear shape, just get them close and we will glue those ears shut.





Glue the ears into position

Okay! It looks great. Let's glue those ears.










Add glue

Put some hot glue or other type of glue in those ears and pinch them closed. 3-in-1 glue works really well for this. It holds well and dries quick. ( Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue, 4-Ounce )









The completed ears

The ears look great.










Mark the locationNow draw a line on the mannequin head right where the craft foam ends.

This line will help us make the back piece of the mask.








The line of demarcation

Just like this. We are going to mold the back half of the mask just an inch or two past this line.










Heat foam

Now let's form the back of the mask. Preheat the foam first. And we are going to apply this sheet to the head in a different orientation. This one goes with the nine inch length from side to side.








Now apply it to the back of the head and tape it lightly at each side. Stretch it a bit so it is taut.


Stretch the next piece of foam Tape the foam in place


NextOkay! Let's continue


A viking shieldMake a Viking Shield

You can make this with foamboard or cardboard. Either way it comes out graet and is double layered for strength.

Made just like they made the real shields.

Make a Viking Shield



A viking sword and helmet Make a Viking Sword and Helmet

This is an easy project that you can make. And you only need a few supplies. I even give you the template for the sword. How to Make a Viking Sword and Helmet




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