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How to Make a Box Kite

A home make box kite

Here is one of the box kites I have made and it is the subject of this tutorial on making one. You would think by looking at it that there is no way this thing would fly but in reality it flies really well.

This is a text tutorial with lots of pictures and a written out plan for making the kite but there is also a video that shows all the steps in how to make it. At the end of the video I also show it flying.

How to Make A BoxKite

Easy links to kite stuff on this site:

Box Kite printer friendly plan

Kites, and kite making supplies

The video tutorial for this kite



Some thoughts on being creative with materials

This kind of a project is very flexible and you have a whole host of materials that you can use to make it. I used 1/4 inch wooden dowels that I bought at a hardware store. Each dowel cost me 59 cents. You can do this or you can use some kind of other material. Looking around the house you might be able to scrounge up something suitable. I have a cat toy that is a long plastic stick which would be perfect for this. You also might want to dig up some old flags. The wooden or plastic pole might be perfect. About the plastic I used. It is painters drop cloth and it is 2 mil thick but this doesnt matter much. You can use a large plastic trash bag or you can use newspaper.


Flying the box kiteDoes this box kite fly? It sure does and you can watch my youtube video to see a little bit of it in action. But can you make this kite and fly it? You sure can and this is exactly what Dimitris did! He made this kite according to my directions and flew it! The picture you see here is what he sent me! He used bamboo sticks and Nepalese handmade paper 60gsm.




NextAmazon.com Has lots of box kites and accessories


And here are two pictures of the boxkite that Rooplal made following these instructions. My thanks go to him for sending in the great pictures.

The flying box kite   The box kite



Kite stringStake Line Winder, 30# x 500 ft. PMR98430 If you need kite string you might be able to do what I did. I found a kite for a dollar in a dollar store and it came with a spool of string. Amazon.com also has plenty of inexpensive spools of kite string. And if you are looking for a variety of kites and supplies I have put together a kite page here. Kite Stuff and Supplies

A Traditional Kite

I also have a tutorial with video on how to make a traditional kite if you think the box kite might be too much of a challenge for you. The traditional kite is easy to make and easy to fly. It will take you maybe a half hour to make. How to make a tradtional kite





Here are the plans for the Box Kite we are making. I have these plans on a separate page for easy printing Box Kite Plans

Box Kite Plans


NextYou can watch the video tutorial below or skip ahead and continue with the web based tutorial


Derrick's Box KiteA box kiteCan you make this box kite? Sure you can! Plenty of visitors to this tutorial have used it to make their own box kite! These two yellow kites were made by Derrick. My thanks to Derrick for submitting these pictures. The first kite is 1000 mm x 450 mm with a two metre red tail.

The second kite is 914mm x 310mm x 310  covered in yellow plastic  and he used clear plastic  tube the same way  its stronger. To join cross spars and the 914mm



Amazon.com Has lots of box kites and accessories


A Traditional Box Kite available on Amazon

Traditional Box Kite, 20 - True classics never go out of style and few designs have withstood the test of time like traditional Box and Cellular kites. For simplicity and elegance, nothing beats them! 20" x 40" in size. Wind range 7 to 20 mph. Recommended line 50lb test, sold separately.



50 poiund kite line


Stake Line Winder, 50# x 500 ft.




Classic Box kite Classic Box Kite Rainbow Design Easy to assemble & fly. Made of durable ripstop nylon. Fiberglass frame for strength. Super strong interlocking stitch. 120' flight line on handle included.