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How to Make Freddie Krueger Gloves!


This is a tutorial on how to make a Freddie Krueger Glove complete with finger blades. This is just like the Nightmare on Elm Street Glove. Easy and fun project. All you need is a glove, some glue and a box of cereal. The patterns for all the finger and knuckle pieces are all in the template you can download. I have made it very easy for you. Download and print the template here: Freddie Krueger Glove.

I also have a video tutorial that you can watch. It is at the bottom of this page.



Here is a look at the completed project

The completed Freddie Krueger Glove

Here is the Video Tutorial:



The Materials Needed:

The tools and materials

You don't need much for materials to make this project. Some paint, An empty cereal box, a glue gun, a glove and the template packet.






layout template pieces on cardboardPrint up the template and cut out the three parts. Lay them on your cereal box cardboard and trace them out. The piece that my finger on is the hand piece only make one of them. The other two pieces make four of each of them.







Cut out the pieces

Now cut those cardboard pieces out. You end up with nine pieces as shown here in the picture.






Glue pieces on

Now glue the big piece to the back of the hand. then start gluing on the fingers. They are kind of like rings. Do each finger.







Glue pieces on

This picture shows the fingers almost done. Where my finger is shows that you glue those fingers down to the back of the hand piece too.







fold blades in half

Now fold those four finger blades in half along their length like this.







add the finger blades

And glue them to the finger tips as shown. Use the same technique as the other finger pieces. Wrap them around the finger and glue them in the back like closing a ring.






the wrapped fingers

This picture shows how they wrap around the fingers to hold in place. Glue them good.







Brown Base

Ok, Let's paint it. I started with a basic brown base on all the mechanical parts . The blades will be silver or white.






Silver highlights

Add some silver highlighting to make it more metallic.






Black Rivets

Then add some black dots as rivets.







The completed glove

That's it! Your Glove is completed.









A Nightmare on Elm Street Deluxe Freddy Glove

Look like you just stepped off A Nightmare on Elm Street movie set with this authentic Freddy Krueger glove. It features four, faux blades that have a realistic appearance. It provides mobility with two sets of movable knuckle joints. Secure it in place with the adjustable finger straps and string across the wrist. The finishing touch to any horror film costume.


Nightmare On Elm Street Deluxe Freddy Sweater

Perfectly frightening describes this Deluxe Freddy Sweater, an exact replica of the infamous shredded and tattered knit sweater worn by Freddy Krueger in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.




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