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Make a spiderman webshooter continued


Ok , in this part of the tutorial we finish off the web shooter!


Make a tube

Ok, now one of the cutout shapes is for the web tube. That's the tube we put the web (string) into. Roll that shape into a cylinder.


Put an end cap on the tube

There is a circle that you cut out of foamboard. Use this in the back of the tube to get the right size cylinder and to close off the back.


glue the tube down

Now glue the tube down to the top of the lid.


pierce a hole in the cylinder for the web

Use a sharp tool to pierce a hole in the top of it near the opening. You will tie the string (spiderweb) into this hole.


Run a string through

Cut yourself a ten foot length of string and tie one end to this hole you made. The string will be tucked into the cylinder before firing.


Tie a string to a rubber band

Tie the other end of the string to a rubber band.


Let's make the Armband to mount this to

Apply velcro to the arm band

Cut yourself a piece of leather, cloth or vinyl so it wraps fully around your wrist.Secure it in place with something. I used strips of velcro. then I attached two more strips of velcro as you can see. The web shooter will connect to these strips.


the gauntlet and web shooter

I applied the corresponding oppsites of velcro to the back of the webshooter and now we can just stick it to the gauntlet. If you don't have velcro you can improvise something. You can even just glue it to the gauntlet.


Wrap the string gently

Now let me show you how to load it. You wrap the string loosely around your hand so it forms a lasso like this. You tuck that lasso into the cylinder.


Now let me show you how to load it. Put the rubber band onto the toothpick as shown on the right of the picture. Then stretch the rubber band and load it onto the trigger. Simple as that. Now you just press the trigger to fire it. The string will unwind out of the cylinder as the rubber band flies.

A view inside


Thats the whole thing but I didn't say anything about painting it! You can paint it any spiderman way! But here is a larger picture so you can copy my way or use it as inspiration for your painting!!

The paint scheme



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