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How to Make Saruman's Staff part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish the staff by attaching the fins and painting it.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here



Trim the fin

Now lets put on the first fin. Hold the fin up against the sphere and staff and try to get a good sense for how much you have to trim the fin. In this picture I am trimming the fin in that small circular area. Remember how that was the dashed line area I talked about earlier?







Check fin for size against the ball

Ok, that fin size looks good. Let's glue it on.








Apply glue

Run a bead of glue like the red line shows.









Glue the fin on

And attach the fin.





Glue the remaining fins

Then go ahead and attach the other three fins.






Paint it all black

Now paint everything but the sphere a nice acrylic black. Use a large brush to do most of it.





Do detail painting

Then use a small paintbrush to do the detail work around the sphere.





Tape the handle

You can also wrap the handle, or part of the handle with black electrical tape. This gives a nice feel on your hands when you are holding the staff.







Enamel spray to seal it

Finish off the staff by sealing it with a nice spray sealant. Which is a totally optional step!








And that's it! Your staff is done and you are ready to face dragons!

The staff and the dragon


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