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Make the Halo Energy Sword

This is a neat little project that actually glows. I filled it with the material from glowsticks. Not hard to make but you have to do a nice job sealing it with caulk so it doesn't leak!

I also have a video of this project at the bottom of this page.


This picture shows the completed sword. It really does glow in the dark.

The completed Halo Sword

This next picture gives you a good ide of how it is made. It is just two pieces of lexan (polycarbonate) that have been caulked together. And there is a small gap between those two layers so the glow stick fluid can go in there. The handle is a thin piece of balsa wood that I put between the pieces of lexan. This gives it some strength.


About the Plastic Sheeting I use: I have a link to some of this lexan at the bottom of this page. But you can go to Home Depot or Lowes to pick up a sheet of this. Get a sheet that is 24 inches in length. You can lay out your sword to make it about 26 inches long. (at an angle from corner to corner). The particular lexan I used is .093 inches thick. You can get something about that thick. A little thicker would be fine too. Just see it and feel it to get a sense for how thick you want it.

This is the stuff that can be used. You can browse through the stuff on amazon for all kinds of sizes and thicknesses. The .093 thick is what I used. Home Depot and Lowes also has this stuff in racks Plaskolite #1PC1824A .093x18x24 Lexan Sheet (on Amazon.com)


Crystal Clear DAPAbout the Caulk: You can use just about any kind of bathroom and kitchen caulk that dries clear. The best for something like this is Crystal Clear DAP. You can get it at the Home Depot or Lowes; Here is a look on amazon.com to see what it looks like or to order it: Dap 18362 Crystal Clear DAP Dynaflex 3.0 All-Purpose Sealant 9.0-Ounce




The sword, not glowing


The following picture shows you one of the plastic pieces that has been cut. You will cut two of these. The real HALO sword is very close to this but doesn't have that extra piece in the middle going between the two blades. We need to put that in our sword for strength. Otherwise it would be a bit too flimsy. I drew out the shape on lexan then cut it with a jigsaw. Make two of these!



The trickiest part of this whole assembly is caulking the two cutout sheets of lexan together. You have to do it so there is a space between the two layers. This is so you can pour the glow stick liquid in there. I did mine in stages. I used 1/16 inch thick pieces of balsa wood as spacers then I caulked one side only. Once that dried I could easily caulk the other side.

Once the caulk dried the whole thing had 1/16 inch space between the two sheets. Be sure to inspect all of that carefully and add any more caulk so it doesn't leak.

Note: Be sure to put the thin piece of wood in there for the handle before you caulk the two halves together. It can be cardboard too.

Caulk the halves together


The gap between the sheetsThis picture gives you an idea of the gap between the two sheets of lexan. It also shows you how that is all filled up with caulk. And in this pic I am applying more caulk to it. This is to ensure there are no leaks.









Drill holes in the sword tips

I then drilled holes near the tips of the blades. This way I could pour the glow stick liquid into the sword. Once the stuff is in there you can plug up the hole with caulk.








Jacobs ladder





Just to have a little fun I added some wires to the sword (12 gauge) and then connected a 15,000 volt transformer to them. This caused a nice jacobs ladder mad scientist effect.







You can see this in action and check out the video tutorial on how to make this project right here:




Halo energy swordLimited Edition Halo Covenant Titanium Color Energy Sword

Here it is Folks; at last the HALO Covenant Titanium Color ENERGY SWORD Type-1. Now you can own not only just the video game but part of the video game and the weapon to defeat the bad guys. This Titanium Color Energy Sword is a close quarter's melee weapon use in Halo. Folks, this sword is one of the most unique and awesome weapon which you will ever own. It is favored by Sangheili and it's more dangerous than its ceremonial nature implies. This life-size weapon carries an almost exact handle which is used to keep the sword in the video game, Halo. Folks, now instead of paying high price for something which is cheap, now you only get this life-size sword for only $59.99 and its well built. Item also includes a wooden wall plaque. Specifications: Overall Length: 27" Blade Length: 19.25", Each side Fatory Sharpen Handle Width: 7" Blade Material: 440 Heat Treated Titanium Color Stainless Steel Item Includes: Wall Display Plaque


Plasma RifleHALO 3 Covenant Plasma Rifle

The Halo Covenant Plasma Rifle game is a laser pursuit gaming set with clip on target. Features included single shot with recoil when shot fired, rapid fire with continuous recoil, side vents pop open when overheated, real game firing sounds, LCD display counts available ammunition, reload button available to start new game. Clip on target with flashed red when hit and shield level indicator. Requires three "C" batteries for Plasma Rifle and three "AA" for the clip-on target.


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