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Make a Medieval Plague Mask - Completing it


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the mask.

You can go to part 1 of this tutorial right here



Now we need two straps for the mask. One to go around from ear to ear (above the ears) and one strap to go from the top of the mask over the top of the head and down to the back. We make these straps by folding duct tape over on itself.


Fold over the tape

This picture shows the tape after being folded over.

Fold again

To make the straps strong enough take take piece you just folded and fold it into another strip of duct tape.

The strap


Attach the straps like this. Hot glue the ear to ear strap on first then put the top strap on.

Glue strap to mask

You can make the horizontal strap by cutting it and putting velcro strips on the halves.

Apply velcro

Affix eye rings

Next apply a ring of glue around the eyeholes and attach the eye portholes that you made. Choose whether you want the broken lens over the left or over the right!







Add rivets


Now let's add rivets to the mask. You have a few different options for this. You can cut the pin off of tacks and then glue the head to the mask like this.









Hot glue rivets

Or you can create glue gun rivets like we did on the Medieval Axe project. Once they cool you then paint them silver.










Add felt or soft cloth if needed

Try the mask on. Is it scratchy on the inside? If so you can line the inside with felt or soft cloth. Just glue it in. Particularly around the eyeholes.









The mask is complete

That's it! Your mask is complete!

If you make this project be sure to send me a picture!











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