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Make a Plaster of Paris Dragon Egg


I got an email from Tom who is a long time follower of my youtube channel. He watched my video on making a dragon egg and thought he would experiment and try to make one with Plaster of Paris.

After some experimenting he hit upon a process for making a great looking egg. Here is how to do it and some pictures of his eggs.



Here is my tutorial: Make a Diorama in a Dragon Egg

This is a creative and different project. You carve an egg out of foam and build a diorama inside it. Then you cover the egg with something for dragonscales. You can use embroidery tacks, pistachio shells or macaroni shells. Make a Diorama in a Dragon Egg




Here is Tom's process on making a Plaster Dragon Egg

I ended up just mixing plaster of paris (with various food colours... Cant really be seen on this egg) in a plastic water bottle. I put a balloon (I found water balloon size to be good... But remember, they are designed to break!) over the end, squeezed in the plaster and sealed the balloon. After evenly rotating the balloon for about 20 minutes (but then again it was a cold day) I cut off the balloon and was left with this cool dragon egg.

I have replicated this project with different food colours. Ive found that mixing food colours (like blue and green for example) gives the egg a very cool colour gradient after afew days of fully drying.

Tom Backhouse

And here are a couple of his earlier experiments





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