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How to make a Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask Continued


This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make the Volsung Dragon Priest mask. In this part of the tutorial we finish the mask. Part 1 of the tutorial (and the video) is right here.


Let's continue on.

Here is the mask all ready for the paper mache! I even started it a little bit here but let's go over that.


detail the eyes

But let's first take one more look at the base structure. I really did a lot of detail on the eyes so we could get that nice eyeball shape. I used tools and added more newspaper/tape. You don't have to do this. You can just get the detail level that you are happy with. But keep it in mind and you can use lots of tape!

I even added some thin strips of cereal box cardboard around those eyes to give that nice ridge look. Then I taped over them.


Dip a strip of paper towel in the paper mache, wipe off the excess then apply it to the mask. Do this lots of times and cover the whole mask. Overlap the strips on top of each other. This overlapping will cause it to be much stronger.

To make a really good mask you should do this on the whole mask then let it dry. Then do a second coat. So.... you can cover the excess paper mache with aluminum foil and put it in the Refrigerator until you need it again.


Once all the paper mache is dry you can use a knife to cut away the bottom piece of cardboard and you can gently remove all the newspaper on the inside. You are left with just the mask.


There you go! All the stuff has been removed and now we have just the mask. this picture shows you the inside.


Colors for painting the mask

Ok, let's paint it. I used Red, Brown, and Gold. And also a little bit of black.


We start out by painting most of the mask with plain old red. You can look at the picture on the cover of the printout template to see this.


Paint the gold

Then paint a layer of gold over the highparts. It's a lot of gold!


Once that is done we can do some detail work and aging by adding a little bit of red and brown. You put them in a container like this and this way they get a little bit mixed on the brush. this gives you a great look on the mask. Dab the brush in this and get a little of each color on the brush. Then paint that on the mask. It causes a nice streakiness.


The volsung paper mache mask is done

And there you go! The mask is complete! I also spray painted the whole thing with a spray sealant. This gives it the nice shiny look. But that is optional. You can punch a little hole where both the ears are and run a shoelace through that. Then you can wear it as a mask.

If you make this mask send me a picture! I would love to see.



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