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Make a Wizard's Puzzle Box - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the box.

Part one of this tutorial is here (the beginning)




Okay, you have flipped part 20 over and now you are looking at the top of it. Test those slide units with a sharp tool or a pencil. Stick it in the slots and see if the pieces will slide reasonably freely. Remember You have to slide the two horizontal slots out first before the vertical ones will slide.

If you have trouble sliding any of them you can trouble shoot it at this point. Check to see whats grabbing and trim it a little bit.



Now we want to glue the four tabs (23,24,25, and 26) into the four slots. Don't get any glue on the actual slots. You put glue on the bottom of each tab then press it down into the slot so it adheres to the sliding part! And Make sure all four slots are slid all the way in. And glue the tabs to one end of each slot. The end denoted by the red dot.




Here is a closeup just so you can see it well.









Okay! Put that lid on the box and test it. Here you see I have slid the four tabs to the outer position and it is locked. This way you can see if any of them are difficult and you can trim the slots in the box if needed. Remember when locking it to slide the horizontal ones first then the two vertical ones.






Ok! Glue the five ornaments on, which includes the handle right in the middle.

Make sure to glue them in a way that they don't hit or rub on anything throughout the full slide of the slots!


That's It! You are done. Now let me show you the paint scheme that I used. You can of course do any paint scheme that you want!




Painting It!

Here is the paint scheme I used.

  • The sides and bottom are streaky brown (streaky to make a wood pattern)
  • The one inch strips on side and bottom are metal so they are painted black
  • The stars white, the moon gray and the sun yellow
  • The blue trim around the top edge is a really nice touch.
  • The rivet/bolts are hot glue dabs painted silver




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