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How to Make Craft Foam Armor Vambraces - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we heat up the vambraces and shape them. And we start the finalizing work.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Slowly heat up the craft foam to make it soft and pliable.

You can do this several different ways. Here we are heating it over a stove, Keep a distance and turn it over frequently so it heats evenly. You will feel it getting soft.






You can also heat up the foam with a clothes iron. Put the foam between two sheets of paper towel so you don't overheat and burn it. Experiment with the heat setting on your iron to get satisfactory results. And don't use steam or water spray.





Once the foam has nicely softened form the shape on some kind of cylindrical object like a pringles can. It doesn't have to be exact forearm size because the foam has a lot of flexiblity.







The shape is formed and it looks great!








Shape the under piece of the vambrace too.










Now seal the pieces of the vambrace with something. (optional) Mod Podge works great for this. Or you can mix white glue 50/50 with water. This step is optional but it does add strength and durability to the vambrace.





Ok! Let's continue on with the tutorial. I am going to show you two different styles of finishing it. In one style we use hot glue and in the other style we use small pieces of foam board.









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