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Make Glamdring - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we continue making the sword by shaping the guard and wrapping the handle.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Continue shaping

Continue cutting the corners of the handle and the guard.



We are looking for a beveled effect on all these cuts to the handle and guard.


Once everything is cut and shaped you can trim and sand it all down so it looks good.


wrap wire around handle

Let's do the ornament on the handle. Wrap wire around it in a spiral pattern. If you don't have wire you can use thick string or shoestring.


the handle is wrapped

The handle is wire wrapped and looks good. The wire stays in place and we will tape it up next. But if you use string or shoelace you should glue it or hotglue it as you go so it stays in place.

wrap in electrical tape

Wrap the handle in electrical tape if you have it. That works the best. Use other types of tape if you have no electrical tape. And if you have blue that would be best because the final color of the handle is blue.


the handle is wrapped

The handle is wrapped and looks great!


treat the sword with mod podge

Now let's treat the sword with something.(The guard and the blade, not the handle) Mod podge works great for this if you have it. If you have a medium gloss gel you can use that too. If you don't have either of these things then we will just base paint it.

NextLet's continue with the tutorial





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