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Make LongClaw out of wood!


Longclaw is a really nice sword from game of thrones and it is pretty easy to make. I have a tutorial showing you how to make it out of foam board. But a web visitor (Paul H.) has gone ahead and used the tutorial to make himself a terrific looking one out of wood. It came out great and he has shared his process and pics with us. Now you can make a Longclaw out of wood!

A Special thanks to Paul for all the hard work!



Here is the Original tutorial for the foam board long claw. This is the tutorial that Paul based his work on.


Make Longclaw from Game of Thrones

This is a fun project that can be made in no time at all. Three layers of foamboard to make it strong. You are ready to battle in the Game of Thrones with this sword. I give you the template which makes it so much easier to build. Make Longclaw


1. Select your materials and make a sandwich.


Use clamps or cord to allow glue to bond strongly.

2. Mark out your blade shape.

3. The single ply is the edge that creates the edge.


4. As in picture number 4 power file or hand file to shape.


5. Full shape gets the filing treatment.



6. Handguard was drawn from Will's template with alterations. Then cut out with a jigsaw. As the material was of a thicker plywood I split it in half to sit on each side of the blade.



7. Using plumbers aluminium tape I covered the blade. The tape will have to be carefully applied and using your thumbnail flatten the tape expelling all of the air. Once you have covered the blade take a piece of wire wool and rub the tape which will render the appearance very similar to steel.


8. Glue on the handguard. There will be a space between the pieces. Using the handguard as a template cut out fillets and glue into place. These items can now all be filed to shape when dry.


9. Two further pieces of wood can be cut and added to handle.


10. Strip of leather trimmed and applied onto the handle. PVA glue used to adhere.  It didn't matter that leather was brown as it was to be dyed black or that it fell slightly short of top as the pommel device was to cover the gap.


11. Making the clay wolf's head. Make a round shape and place on top. Roll out 3 strips and arrange around the top and blend in with anything handy. Mouth cut and opened with blade.



Teeth formed with grooved tool and piece blended in.  Finishing with pear shaped jewels from craft store for eyes. Fur effect created by scratching clay with pointed stick. 

Paul H

Your Longclaw is done!

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