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Make the Club of Hercules - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we beef out the shape of the club.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Ok, we are going to bulk out the club with lots of crumpled newspaper and masking tape. The whole foamboard section of it gets bulked.


This is how it goes.


The various shapes are easy to attain with crumpled balls of newspaper.


This picture gives you a really good sense of how to newspaper and tape it.



Now, twist pieces of newspaper into donut shapes and put them around each tooth like this.

Then tape them completely, attaching them to the club and covering them with tape.


Then bulk out the pommel with newspaper.


Okay! This picture shows us two things. First it shows you how those donut rings are nicely taped. Simulate this. Secondly I have masked off one of the teeth with painters tape. I will mask them all so the club can be painted.

NextOkay, Let's finish off this club! Painting and wrapping the handle



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