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How to Make the Sword of Achilles (from the movie Troy)


This is a tutorial on how to make the sword of Achilles like in the movie Troy. It's a pretty easy sword to make and you can improvise a lot of things. I use foam board in this tutorial but you can use regular corrugated cardboard. And I use spray paint because it is fast and easy but if you don't have spray paint you can always use regular arts and crafts paints. This tutorial is a companion to another tutorial where I show you how to make the Shield of Achilles. You can see that tutorial right here. I also have a youtube video to go along with this tutorial. It shows you how to make this sword step by step.



Here is a picture of the completed sword.


The completed achilles sword

Can you make this sword of Achilles? You sure can! Here is one made by Rintu! My thanks go to him for sending in the picture.

Achilles sword


The templateOk, the first thing you want to do is download this packet. It is a five page pdf that has all the templates. Download it then print it up. The Sword of Achilles Download right here






Zakis gear

Here is a picture of achilles gear that Zaki is making. It's almost done! My thanks go to him for sending in the pic! If you want to make swords, shields, armor or other things you should just go for it like Zaki has done!




Next you cut out the templates and tape them together. You end up with two templates just like in this picture. The sword template and the handle template.

The template


Trace these templates onto cardboard or foam board and make two of each. You end up with four pieces like this. You can see that one of my sword pieces is split in two at the handle. This is ok. I had to do this so I could get all of this out of one piece of foam board. When we glue it all together this disappears.

The cut out pieces


Now glue all four pieces together. You glue the two blades together first then glue a handle on each side. You end up with a sandwich of four pieces like shown in the picture below. And, if you have rough edges because of your cutting you can use sandpaper to smooth it all out.

Glue pieces together


Now add the ornamental wire onto the blade and handle. (It is optional but it looks good) I used a hot glue gun. Do it one small section at a time. Don't try to put a long line of hot glue because it will dry too fast.

Add wire


NextLet's continue with this tutorial on how to make the sword of Achilles and paint it




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