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Make the Witch King Helmet Part 3 - finishing it!


In this part of the tutorial we make the spikes for the helmet and finish it off.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.


Roll newspapers

Roll newspaper into cone shapes. Make eight long ones and eight short ones. The long ones are about four inches long and the short ones are about two and a half inches long.


Make cones and tape them

Cover them with masking tape. This is for strength and so they don't sag under the paint.


Paint the horns

Paint the horns the same way you painted the helmet.

Mix up another batch of that evil black paint. (Black, brown, silver and green) and paint the horns. A hair dryer will help dry them quick. Then touch them a bit with the bronze metallic spray paint.


Glue horns

Now you can attach the horns to the helmet. Attach them in pairs like you see here. The large horn goes on first. Cut the base of the small horn at an angle and attach it just above the large horn.

About attaching the horns. Test the first horn to see what attaches them well. For us hot glue gun worked really well. If you are having trouble attaching them you can use some sand paper to sand off a little paint. The glue will attach to the paper mache easier than the paint.



The spikes are in place

The spikes look great!


All that remains is for us to make the cloth hood and face for it.

Add a cloth hood

Cut a piece of black cloth, run a line of glue along the inside of the helmet across the forehead and attach the cloth to it. Note about the cloth. If you use a nice thin piece you can see right through it and you won't have to cut out the eye holes.


The black cloth

You want it to look like this with the front of the cloth hanging lower than the helmet.


Cut a circle of cloth for top

Now cut yourself a circle of cloth large enough the fit over the top of your head. It should go down to your forehead and all the way around.



Glue cloth into helmet

Then glue it into the top of the helmet so it forms a dome.



The helmet is done

And there you go! Your helmet is complete!!!!


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