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V for Vendetta (Widescreen Edition) Starring Natalie Portman - I have a big weakness for heroes or even villains in movies that quote Shakespeare and really make it sound good. It is a difficult thing to do well both in the writing and in the acting. In this movie the masked hero does a great job of it but I have a Shakespeare quote for that summarizes this movie "Much Ado About Nothing. This movie is simply very plain.

Natalie Portman does a good job. She has developed into a competent actress and she has grown to be a very atractive woman. But she can't save this movie. For one thing I am just not a big fan of "the government has become big brother" movie. It's been done and its been done better. George Lucas' THX 1138 which is not a very well known movie, does it much better. Gattaca does it better, Even Logan's Run from way back in the 70's does it better, and on and on. The attempt here was to try to blend the successful comic book hero with the successful big brother theme. But it falls flat. So if you are a big fan of action hero movies or you are a big fan of Natalie Portman (which is understandable) then get this movie. Otherwise it is barely worth the time on a netflix rental -- which is practically free. I suggest that if you are a natalie turned full grown woman fan then you buy or rent Closer. It also has the bonus of Julia Roberts (in a very rare serious role) in it.