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The Most Magnificent Paper Castle ever made
- Quite Possibly!


A Magnifiicent paper castle

This is a paper castle built by Ken Vandre and it is one of the most magnificent paper castles I have ever seen. It has an other-worldly look and feel to it -with just a hint of Dr. Seuss. You can watch the video showing it in action and you can visit the creators website. The Enchanted Kiosk or you can visit his youtube channel: terransage

About the Project: The creator (Ken) uses a wide variety of techniques to make his castles. These techniques include using a lot of recycled products and the paper technique is a cross between papier mache and decoupage. He uses lots of layering and then finishes it with polyurethan. He ends up with a very sturdy completed project, not what you would expect from paper. He has made eight of these castles over the years and they take quite a long time to make. This one, in the video, took about four months to make. The Marble cascade in the center alone took two months to make.

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