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Make a paper and Cardboard Castle: Neuschwanstein Page 4

The first page of this tutorial is here

Now lets Make structure 12 (The Guard Tower)


The Guard TowerThe Guard Tower (12) This is the most spectacular looking part of this castle and it is a little bit of a challenge to make. That is why I have saved it for last.










The parts of the guard tower

The Guard tower is made up of four different components. I will give you the printouts to make them all but first lets take a look at the paper towel tube. Cut your tube to nine inches long then cover about 5 inches of it with a wrap of paper. My tube has been wrapped.

Once you have built the parts like I have shown in the picture you just slide the tube into the hole at the top of the square piece then add the turret and you are done.


Now let's print out the parts for this Guard Tower.

The Square section ( print 1)
The Top section (print 1)
The Cone Turret (print 3)

You need three of the Cone turret because this is the same turret you will add to the Guard House you are doing now and to the towers 14 and 15. So make all three right now.

Once you have finished making the Guard Turret You can affix it down into position 12 on your Castle footprint.

Towers 14 and 15

Towers 14 and 15. You have already made the cone turrets for these now you just have to make the towers. This is pretty straight forward except for the additional little section on the big tower.

My towers are cut out a bit so they rest up against the buildings. But you don't have to do this if you don't want to. You can just wrap the tubes in white paper and place them against the buildings - it's your choice.

The size of the towers:

The tube for tower 14 is 7 1/2 inches in height

The tube for tower 15 is 11 inches in height.

Now you just need to make the mini-tower and attach it to tower 15.

Print this out, affix it to cardboard and then shape it and attach it near the top of tower 15 - Mini Tower


Finish up by adding the thin towers.

To finish up this castle you need to add the thin towers to the Knights Quarters (7) The tube part of these towers is four inches high. You can make them by rolling some paper around a pencil and then taping it into place. Then make the cones for the top using a shape similar to what you did with the previous cone turrets.


Well, This was quite a fun castle to make and I really enjoyed it. If you made this castle I hope you had fun and send me a picture I would love to see it! If you haven't done any coloring it might be time to break out the water color paints and start having fun!

End of tutorial


Easy to Make Paper Castle by A.G. Smith

Easy to Make Paper Castle by A.G. Smith

Here's a sturdy, easy-to-assemble paper toy that will provide hours of fun and imaginative adventure for any child. Specially designed for children ages 4 to 10, this easy-to-construct three-dimensional model of a medieval castle comes complete with walls, towers, gate house, great hall, kitchen, well, ramp, and drawbridge. Also included are ten armored knights who stand ready to defend their towering fortress with swords, shields, lance, bows, and arrows.
Step-by-step instructions and simple exploded diagrams explain how to cut, fold, and glue each part, enabling youngsters (with perhaps minimal help from a parent or teacher) to assemble their very own castles ( 8 5/16" x 8 5/16" x 4 3/8"). Only a few additional inexpensive, readily available materials are required.